Meet Teaching Autism

Hi, and thanks for stopping by my blog, Teaching Autism! My name is Nikki and - as you probably guessed - I work with students with Autism! I love being able to go into class every day with some new surprise or challenge ahead of me. 

I am originally from Wales, in the United Kingdom. It's one of the most beautiful places around, but it doesn't stop us being avid travellers and going around the World on our different adventures every year.

Back in the Summer of 2014, I stumbled across a website called TeachersPayTeachers where I had been looking for a certain image for about 3 hours! I finally came across it and fell in love with the site. Fast forward to the Summer of 2015 and I decided to open a store on there and share my resources with the World. It took me a few months to get into it, but now I wouldn't be without my little store.

I knew I wanted to have a different approach with my store. I wanted to allow educational professionals to visit my store and be able to get resources to cover a wide range of topics and abilities, so scrolling through my store you'll be able to find resources suitable for Spec Ed and Mainstream students!


TeachersPayTeachers gave me an adventure where I was able to meet new friends, form great friendships but also improve the quality of the resources that I was giving my students. If you want to look into the adventure of opening your own store on TeachersPayTeachers you can find out more information here.

It was through my new found love of TeachersPayTeachers that I started to stumble across more teacher blogs and loved the look of them. One day, I entered a competition by Fishing for Education and then put it the back of my mind. A couple of weeks later, I had just got home from a busy day when I had an email saying I'd won. Stephanie designed my blog, logos and so much more to such a high quality, I was over the moon.. and so my blogging adventure began too.

Be sure to follow my on TpT, BlogLovin' and Instagram to get first news on my updates and what's going on in my 'Teaching Autism' adventure.

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