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Hey all,
I've been a little MIA lately, with just so much going on in school, the lead up to Easter and having different events going on through the month, I just didn't plan well enough to get some blog posts scheduled throughout March. 

This year, I really wanted to up my blogging game and make sure that I was paying more attention to my blog, posting more, sharing more interesting posts and also connecting more with my readers. So in this post I thought I'd give you a little bit on insight into what my TpT life looks like.

So, 'Teaching Autism' belongs to myself and my partner, we run the 'business' together - which still sounds very strange. My partner was the one who encouraged me to open 'Teaching Autism' and is great for keeping me on track and encouraging me, he's also my social media marketer - so you'll usually see him behind the scenes marketing all my resources and blog posts, sharing them for all to see.

Myself, I spend most of my 'TpT time' like the picture above - spread out with all my notebooks, notes, any resource that I'm currently putting together and my trusty MacBook. Since having the MacBook I literally can't work on nothing else, I just can't find another laptop/computer that I like. At the moment, we're just starting plans to strip out of one our rooms in the house and start building me an office -I'm VERY excited, but one of the main reasons i'm so excited is because it means I'll get to have an iMac - something I don't have the room for now. Oh, and in the picture you'll see my trusty 'Teaching Autism' mug. I can't function without my drink next to me. 

Now, you'll see 2 of my notebooks as well as my memo stack. My memo stack is for recent things that have come up - people commenting or messaging me asking for a request, i'll mark that down here until I have time to write it into my 'planning/ideas' notebook - which you can't actually see in this photo. Also on my memo stack are dates of anything upcoming or anything that I need to that day/week. 

My 'Bossing It' notebook is just one of my favourite things, if you're starting - or even currently running - your own business, I really recommend this notebook. It helps you stay motivated, gives your room to write down what you want from your business and how you're going to achieve it.

Finally, you'll see my brown weekly planner, this I just LOVE. The inside is literally designed different on all the pages, with room for 'venting', 'ideas', 'planning', 'memories' and so much more as well as space for each week to write down what you want to achieve. I usually plan realistically just 1 or 2 things to get done per week and then I know if I need time to myself through the week I don't feel pressurised to get it all done and keep up with my to do list.

Oh, and finally - my best bit of kit for my business - is my Apple Watch. I genuinely don't think I could be without it, especially if i'm on the go and get a notification, I can see it on my watch instead of digging out my phone, it's really made my life a lot easier, plus it gives me reminders through the day to get up/walk around to keep me active instead of sat down for too long. 

I hope you weren't too bored seeing me behind the scenes, but sometimes I know how exciting it is to see what the daily life of some bloggers are - and although small, I definitely feel overwhelmed with all the support from my readers and supporters, so a big, warm, thank you to all of you.

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