An Autism Certified Theme Park!

We take our children out in the community a lot, and so it's always great to be able to find somewhere that is great with your children and their diagnosis - sometimes just that extra time and bit of training really does go the extra mile. 

So, I was over the moon to find out this week that 'Sesame Place' is now Autism Certified!

So, what does it mean for them to be certified? Well to begin, their staff will have training in the following areas;
  • Sensory Awareness
  • Motor Skills
  • Autism Overview
  • Program Development
  • Social Skills
  • Communication
  • Environment
  • Emotional Awareness
That is a LOT of training for a company to invest in - and isn't it just great to see? But, that's not all, in the park you'll also be able to find;

  • Quiet Rooms
  • Noise-Cancelling Headphones
  • Low Sensory Areas
  • Low Sensory Parade Viewing
  • Meet Julia! - How exciting!!
As you can see, Sesame Place have really gone above and beyond to try and help make their theme park more Autism friendly. Their opening day is on April 28th and I'd love to hear anyone who is able to experience the theme park and how well their service is. 

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