St. Patrick's Art Therapy

With St Patrick's Day fast approaching we decided to theme this weeks Art Therapy around St Patrick's Day!

We have lots of stations going on throughout our Art Therapy session but this is our favourite one.

Station 1
We had green jelly which the children got to play with for trying new textures with their hands.

Station 2
We had a huge piece of blank paper on one table with green pencils, green felts, green chalks and green crayons where students got to do some mark making with whatever they wanted to use.

Station 3
Green tray - we had a 'green tray' which was filled with green glitter and different green objects. Students used their hands and objects to dig around in the glitter to find the different objects.

Station 4 - as shown in image above
This is always the most popular station. We used different foods to paint with to make shamrocks on the pieces of paper. We used cut up peppers and pretzels so that when they were pressed down onto card it was made to look like shamrocks! This station is always a great way for us to get the children introduced to different foods and handling them.


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