The Importance of Boundaries

Boundaries are one of the biggest issues within the classroom - should we set them? Why should we set them? Are they important? Do they make a difference? Well today, we'll find out just why boundaries are important and why you would be ensuring that you use boundaries consistently in your setting.

Boundaries are one of the most important things that you could have in your classroom - but to work effectively, they need to be used consistently - for everyone. Boundaries help to encourage and motivate students to stay on task and help students understand what is expected of them including behavioural expectations. 

Take a second and try to imagine a world without boundaries, without consequences for actions. Do you think the world would run smoothly or do you think everyone would be running amok and doing anything that they wanted? Probably the latter.

Boundaries also offer structure, which is especially important to our students, it helps them know what is expected of them, how they should behave/act but also allows them some freedom and independence - knowing how far they are allowed to go. 

When setting boundaries, try to do them positively, for example, "If you work isn't done by 11:00 you won't be going out for playtime" sound worse and far more negative than saying "you can go out for playtime at 11:00 if you finish your work."

When setting boundaries, try to offer a positive outcome for the student - but once offered, be sure to follow through with this outcome along with allowing everyone to have the same boundaries. Hearing a positive outcome at the end is going to be motivating and encouraging for your students - rather than a negative of not receiving something.

How do you set boundaries in your classroom?

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