Day 3 of Christmas Fun!

Welcome to the third day of my Christmas Fun 2017 blog series. It's the 3rd of December and things are starting to look real Christmassy around here!

Today I'm sharing with you this fingerprint Christmas tree decoration.

This decoration is a great keepsake to be placed onto a Christmas tree year after year and is great for you to make with your students.

Follow the simple instructions below to find out how you can make this craft too.

You will need:
  • Air drying clay
  • Green paint
  • Different colour glitter
  • Knife
  • Red ribbon
  • Christmas tree cookie cutter
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Glue
You will need to do the following:
  • Roll out the air drying clay onto some greaseproof paper - to avoid it sticking to the table. Don't roll it too think - you want it quick thick to be stable. Then, use the Christmas tree cookie cutter to cut out the shape of a Christmas tree. Use a knife to make a hole at the top of the tree - where the ribbon will go to hang it as a decoration. Get your students to use their finger to make some fingerprints onto the tree in 3 different places. Leave to dry.
  • Once dry, paint the Christmas tree green, leave to dry again.
  • Once dry, put small dabs of glue into each of the fingerprints. Add different colours of glitter onto each of the glue to make them look like baubles. Leave to dry again.
  • Once dry, tie the ribbon through the hole at the top of the tree- and it's done!
Happy crafting!

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