Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty? Crime Scene

You've all heard the rhyme of Humpty Dumpty, I'm sure. But, have you heard the alternate version - where somebody pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall? Check out this amazing crime scene investigation where students can investigate a 'real' crime scene, following clues and trying to figure out who the culprit is. Read on to find out more..

So, first, here is an example of the crime scene.

Clue numbers were placed next to the clues that had been found - just like a crime scene.

There were opportunities for students to taste and smell different clues to offer a more sensory approach.

The outline of Humpty's body was put onto the floor using masking tape.

The crime scene was cordoned off with caution and police signs.

There were fingerprints placed on the wall.

The culprit liked the smell of gingerbread - so we used a gingerbread scented yankee candle!

We even had these adorable mini cones with crime scene tape to cordon off the area, adding that extra feel to it.

So, what did we do? Read on..
1. We listened to Humpty Dumpty on youtube.
2. We headed over to the crime scene and grabbed our 'case files' and magnifying glasses.
3. We read through our suspect information list to find out about each of our suspects.
4. We took our suspect checklist book with us that had all the information and clues that we needed to know about each of our suspects.
5. We looked at each of the clues around the scene in detail - tasting, smelling and examining with our magnifying glasses. Then, we found symbols that matched the clues we had found and matched them to our suspects in the checklist book.
6. Once we had finished examining the crime scene we went back to our work station with our checklist and worked out who all the clues pointed to.
7. We used an image and name of our culprit to make a wanted poster to hang up.
8. The crime was solved and we were awarded with special detective certificates to congratulate us for our hard work.

If you want to grab the Humpty Dumpty Crime Scene Investigation Pack, check it out here. Along with mentioned above, there's so much more included! You and your students will have THE BEST time trying to work out who the culprit is that pushed poor Humpty off his wall and graduate them to Detectives, rewarding them with certificates for their hard work!

Included are;

♦ Humpty Dumpty Crime Scene Pack
Includes instructions and example pictures of how you can set up the crime scene. This pack contains 4 possible suspects - and you can choose who actually pushed Humpty Dumpty just by planting the corresponding clues. There is also a suspect information book which contains information on each of the suspects as well as a suspect check list for students to match their clues to the suspects. At the back is a wanted poster for students to fill in with the suspects details once they have worked out who is guilty of pushing Humpty off the wall.

♦ Comprehension Worksheets
A variety of different worksheets that include the 'alibi' of the different characters.

♦ Create Your Own Story
Students use the prompts to write their own version of Humpty Dumpty, what happened to him etc.

♦ Certificate
A certificate - which you can edit in powerpoint/keynote to add images of your students and their names. The certificate is to congratulate them for solving the crime.

♦ Interviewing Suspects
Students can take the place of the suspects and answer the questions that are written down, they can also write their own questions for the suspects and then either answer themselves, pass to other students to answer or have staff answer for them.

♦ Detective Write Up Report
Students write up their findings from their investigation.

♦ Newspaper Article
A newspaper article template for students to draw/write how the crime was solved, who the culprit was etc.

♦ Story Sequencing Puzzle
A simple sequencing puzzle where students read the rhyme of Humpty Dumpty at the top then find the matching images and place them into the correct order on the jigsaw.

If you give it a go, be sure to send me some pictures of how awesome your crime scene looks!

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