My Favourite Christmas Books

Can you believe it's almost Christmas?! We have a tradition each year where we wrap a selection of different Christmas books and put them under our tree, then each day we unwrap a book and read it together. It's a great way to get the children excited to read, and also to get into the Christmas spirit altogether!

So, below are my top ten favourite Christmas books that we all love to read during the run up to Christmas. If you click the images of the books you will be re-directed to where you can purchase them from. Please note that these links may contain affiliate links.

1) The Stinky Sprouts

This book is HILARIOUS and the kids love it! Although it doesn't seem very Christmassy, pretty much everyone relates sprouts to Christmas and it's just a bit of a fun one. It's all about the vegetables, who always have fun, playing games in the kitchen but the sprouts are always left out, but one day they try to hide their smell and fit in with the cool veg.

2) What's a Christmas?

This book is adorable and we love the penguins. It's set on Christmas Eve and the penguins find an elf in the snow who had fallen out of Santa's sleigh. The penguins have NEVER heard about Christmas - or Santa - or even elves! So the elf teaches the penguins all about Christmas.   

3) The Best Christmas Present Ever

We love how adorable this book is, and it's based around 'giving'. It's about a bear who wants to get his friend - a squirrel - the best present, so he puts lots of different things together to try and make the best present ever.

4) The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas

Our children LOVE dinosaurs so this book was always set to be a perfect hit - and it's definitely one of the favourites. The dinosaur eats EVERYTHING - but soon, the dinosaur has to POOP OUT Christmas! And it's about to be the most EXPLOSIVE Christmas ever!

5) That's Not My Elf!

We LOVE this book because there are so many great feely patches for you and your students to feel - it's a great sensory approach.

6) Kipper's Christmas Eve

Who doesn't love Kipper? We love reading our how Kipper is going to give Arnold the best Christmas Eve ever!

7) How The Grinch Stole Christmas

EVERYONE knows the story of the Grinch - and who doesn't love it? The grinch is the perfect way to get into the spirit of Christmas and it's such a great way to teach about kindness.

8) How Many Sleeps 'Til Christmas?

We all find it hard to be patient waiting for something to come around when we're so excited - and Christmas is definitely one of those! In this story you've find the little bear who wakes up EVERY DAY thinking it's Christmas! His dad is going to have to help him wait!

9) Mog's Christmas

Mog is exploring all the new noises and smells in the house, and even a big tree! Omg tries to escape onto the roof, but there's a surprise there too!

10) The Polar Express

And, here's my favourite. I've saved the best until last. The Polar Express. If you haven't read this book - you just HAVE to! This is the book that always gets me into the Christmas spirit, the story is magical and is a great way to work on kindness and friendships as well as getting into the Christmas spirit.

What do you do to get into the Christmas spirit? Do you celebrate in the classroom? What are your favourite Christmas books to read?

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