Skittle Pumpkin

You've probably all seen the amazing skittle videos that do the rounds on Facebook where the water pulls the colours into the middle of the plate, right? BUT, have you seen the PUMPKIN version? It's a MUST for you and your students this Halloween season. These types of science experiments are always my favourite - they're quick, easy to follow and don't cost you a lot of money to do! So, how do you do it? Read on..

You're going to need;
  • Orange and brown (or dark purple we used) skittles - we bought big bags and then just pulled out the colours we needed for this activity, we let the children eat a few and kept the rest for the rainbow skittle experiment.
  • Water
  • Plate - find one with a deep dip in the middle to help make the mixture go all the way around the plate.
So, what do you do?

First, you need to lay out your skittles like the picture above.

Once they are all laid out - try to get them all as close as possible to each other, start adding some water until it fills up the middle of the skittles right up to them.

Wait a few moments and you'll start to see the colours entering the middle of the plate, turning your skittles on a plate into an amazing pumpkin!

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