Fun Sized Compliments

We all know how much children LOVE to receive compliments, how much it helps to motivate them and keep them going, but also to feel proud of themselves.

Compliments are so important to not just children, but everyone in every day life. There can be so much negativity around the World, especially publicised in the news, so it's important to keep some positivity, especially within your learning environment.

Compliments help to motivate children, and we all know that when motivated, children can do amazing things. It can make them feel good, it can help them feel proud of themselves, but also the efforts that they put in and what they have achieved. 

These mini compliment cards are a great way for you to quickly but also quietly provide compliments for your children. The visual cards can also be stored in a book or put onto a lanyard, or even sent home with the children so they can show off their achievements/compliments that they have received through the year.

These compliment cards are b/w so they are friendly on your printer/ink but they can be made so much more fun when printed onto different colour cards to jazz them up.

If you like these compliment cards, you can find them here.

How do you compliment your children in the classroom?

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