How Can You Teach Autism Awareness?

More and more children, diagnosed with autism are now being taught in mainstream / general education settings, and one of the toughest parts of this, is teaching other children about autism and how we can help promote and support autism awareness.

So, as you may or may not know, Autism Awareness Month takes place in April, and although it's important to take part in different activities during this month to promote autism awareness, it's also important to promote autism awareness all year around and to all your students.

So, how can you promote autism awareness? Below, you're going to find a bunch of different ideas of how you can start promoting autism awareness with your students in your learning environment.

  • Read stories
There are some great books available now that help promote autism awareness and help other children to understand what autism is and how they can support their friend(s).

I have a few favourite books that are great for learning more about autism in a child friendly way and you can find them below, click on them to be re-directed to amazon where you could purchase them.


  • Watch videos

There are some great, educational and informative videos about autism now that you can find for free online, youtube etc. These videos can help provide a visual aide to children to find out more about autism and how they can promote autism awareness.

  • Group discussions
Have group discussions, include it in circle time and discuss some different aspects of autism and how we can help our friends when something happens - if they are struggling with the noise, what can we do? We can find them their head phones, we can take them somewhere quieter, we can turn the music down etc. Instead of trying to figure out how to 'stop' their friends, encourage children to 'help' their friends instead.

  • Visit an autism centre
There are a huge amount of autism centres dotted around everywhere these days that provide amazing support, these centres may also be great for a visit for you and your students to find out more about autism, how the centre helps local people - or even further afield and just to find out some more information on how you as individuals, a class and even a school can help to promote autism awareness.

  • Fundraise
Autism charities provide amazing support to all families with autism, fundraising - however big or small - can be a huge, financial help for them and just think of how many people you'll help with your efforts - you could do sponsored walks, or even coffee/cake mornings and make some autism themed cakes/biscuits - puzzle pieces etc.

  • Research people
There are many famous people around the World who are diagnosed with autism, and this can be one of the most engaging things for children to learn about - being able to associate autism with anyone around the World. 

  • End it on a high
At the end of the week, it's important to congratulate your children for being more inclusive and supportive during autism awareness week. This can be simply handing out autism themed bookmarks that have little reminders of how they can help their friend(s) with autism and also to remind them how good they are at supporting their friend(s)!

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