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Growth mindset is huge right now and is being used in learning environments all around the World. This blog post is hopefully going to give you an overview of what Growth Mindset is, how you can use it in your classroom - including a free resource for you to download but also some amazing books that are going to help you understand more about Growth Mindset and how you can implement it into your learning environment too.

So, what is Growth Mindset? Growth Mindset was actually developed by Carol Dweck, who is a psychologist. Her book Mindset: Thew New Psychology of Success is a great place for you to start your reading, as the idea of Growth Mindset is discussed and explained by her here. 

Over the past few years, many educators around the World have introduced Carol Dweck's theories of Growth Mindset into their learning environment. 

Carol tries to explain that people either have a fixed or a growth mindset. People who have a fixed mindset see intelligence as being inherent, they are naturally good at many different things, however, they have no desire, and don't understand why they need to develop more skills/talents that are beyond their current capabilities.

People with a growth mindset see intelligence as something that can constantly be increased, it can flourish through a lot of hard work, resilience and grit.

So, what are some of the best books to read about Growth Mindset? Check out some of my favourite ones below, and just click the images to be redirected to where you can purchase them. Please note this blog post may contain affiliate links to some products.

1) How to catch a star

This is a story of a boy who loved the stars so much that he decided to catch one for himself.

2) A Mindset for Success in your Classroom and School

In this book, the author looks at different ways in which Schools could be limiting students potential to achieve success and outlines steps that could help to push children to achieve success.

3) The Growth Mindset Playbook

This book provides tips, strategies and different ideas to apply growth mindset within the learning environment. 

4) The Most Magnificent Thing

This story is about a girl and her best friend, a dog. She has a wonderful idea to make the most magnificent thing, she tries and tries to make it, failing over and over but with some help from her dog she keeps going and makes her magnificent thing.

5) The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

This is a story of young girl who has NEVER made a mistake. However, one day, she makes a mistake for the first time, and it's the most unthinkable mistake!

I hope these 5 books are of interest to you and will help you to learn about, promote and introduce Growth Mindset into your learning environment, but also into your personal life too!

Now, finally.. a free resource for you. 

These growth mindset reward tokens are a great way to reward your students in class but also to keep them motivated.

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