5 Reasons Why YOU Should Shop on TpT

In the teaching World there are now a LOT of places where you can get your hands on some great resources for your classroom, sometimes you can't get everything you want in one place and sometimes you just can't find that one thing that you really need/want for your students. If you're struggling, I highly recommend looking at Teachers Pay Teachers.

A lot of people seem to have some issues about shopping on TpT - mainly because they don't know much about TpT - so I'm here to share 5 reasons why I think you should definitely be shopping on TpT for your classroom.

1) Made by Teachers, Supporting Teachers

You just know that the resources sold on TpT are more than likely going to be very high quality resources for your students because they are made by other teachers/educational professionals. This means that it will have already been most likely tried and tested in individual classrooms and is differentiated to suit individual needs. There isn't much better out there than helping other teachers, by purchasing resources from them you're helping out another teacher giving them some much needed funds in return for some excellent resources.

2) Feedback system/Credits

There are great feedback systems where you can see from others who have bought/downloaded the resources how well they have worked in the classroom and the quality of them. We all know there's nothing worse than ordering something from a catalogue, it arriving and it's just not what we were expecting! Plus, did you know when you leave feedback for resources that you have purchased you gain TpT credits - then you can use these credits to save $$ off future purchases! Everyone loves a discount!

3) There's free resources too

You don't have to buy EVERYTHING on the site - there are a lot of great, free resources available from most sellers stores - these are great to use in class but also for you to be able to get a clearer picture of the high standards of the sellers who make the resources.

4) Make requests

If there's something in particular you are looking for but can't find you can request for the resource to be made for you - many TpTers will be happy to help you out and will tailor it to your needs, your an ask on sellers individuals stores through the Q&A or on the TpT home page on the bottom left under customer requests.

5) You can interact with others

So, many TpT sellers will link you to their social media sites where you can connect with them on a more personal basis, get to know them but also connect with them about resources you need, or resources you've bought from them that you would love to see changed or added to - many will be more than happy to help you out - plus, where else would you get that kind of customer service!?

Do you shop on TpT? If not, why not? If you do, who are your favourite sellers? Let me know in the comments below!

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