Teaching Life Skills

Teaching life skills can be a hard task in any setting - whether it be in a classroom in School or at home. Plus you might not always have access to the life skills that you want to teach, and this is where we hit the same brick wall. 

Sure, we try to take our students to places like shops and cafes whenever possible to encourage them to use money and learn how to purchase items but this isn't always possible. This is when I decided that I needed to come up with an interactive resource that would help students work on a range of different life skills and after spending many hours working away, figuring out how to make these life skills work in a book, i'm pleased to say the book is a resounding success. The children have so much fun working on the activities in this book and we can already see progress being made, especially in the understanding and knowledge of what they need to do in different situations. 

The book works on a huge range of life skills, just look at the pictures below or watch the video to see the book in action!

So many different skills are practised in this work book, and these are just some of what's included! Plus, because I know some of my followers are from different countries around the World I've included a variety of different coins/currencies etc. to suit different countries!

You can find out more about this life skills binder here.

See what other professionals have said about this resource;

* Putting these interactive binders together now for September. It's so great to find products that can be used independently by my primary grades students with moderate-severe disabilities.

* so excited to incorporate into my life skills activities!

* Great resource!!!

* Love it! Thanks!

* Great stuff! Thank you.

So, join in the fun and have your students working on their life skills in a whole new way! Find it here, or if you prefer to shop on TES, find it here.

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