Valentine's Card

We have been busy making Valentine Cards today. Do you like them?

First, we folded a piece of A3 card in half, then we watered down some pink paint and used it to make a water effect and painted all over the card and left it to dry.

Then, we got an a4 piece of white card and put it into a work tray. We squirted different colour paints (red, purple, pink, yellow) into the work tray and then used a golf ball to roll through the paints and around the a4 piece of card. Once the card was full we left it to try.

When the a4 piece of card was dry we cut it out into the shape of a heart and added some heart sequins. Then we stuck this onto the front the folded card. Added some messages inside and on the outside and they were done!

They were so easy to make, the kids had a blast and they look great!


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