St. David's Day Card

St. David's Day is coming up on the 1st March here in Wales and we have been so excited in class getting ready to celebrate.

Today we made this craft;

St. David's Day is a huge celebration here in Wales and we devote a lot of time to learning about it in our class. These cards were easy to make and look great when finished.

Staff cut out the shape of the dragon and fire and the grass.
Students folded an A4 piece of white card in half, then stuck down the green grass on top. The dragon and fire got stuck down next.

Then, students dipped their fingers into white paint and dotted them on the green grass. On they were dry, staff added some heads and feet to the white dots to make them into sheep. To finish it off the students stuck the 'Happy St. David's Day!' banner on top.

Have you been making any fun crafts for St. David's Day?


  1. It is such a shame we don't make more of an effort with St David's day. I love reasons to get children involved in seasonal event. I will be teaching my class about the saint and will be making flags. :) I wish the whole school could make crafts too! I might speak to my head!

    1. We celebrate it for a FULL WEEK in our School LOL! The kids love it - and the staff too! It's a lot of fun. Plus it can be made into so many different sessions, it's a great way to celebrate St. David's Day :) Let me know if you want any help with any information or lesson ideas!


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