Painting with Seaweed

So, this week we took our kids on a trip to the beach and pier. They absolutely love going to the beach and on our trip day it was a little sunny so we wrapped up warm and headed off.

The kids love to go into the rock pools, so we went exploring to see what we could find. Then we collected some bits for our art therapy session that afternoon.

One of the most fun things we got was seaweed because we used it to paint with instead of paintbrushes! The kids found it so much fun finding bits of seaweed to take back to class with us, finding all different sizes and it was a great way to get them used to some different textures.

In art therapy in the afternoon we painted self portraits, then we got out different colour paints and then dipped the seaweed into them. We used the seaweed to dab onto our self portraits to make hair. 
Check out how they looked: 


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