Crazy Welsh Hats

Check out some of our crazy Welsh hats for our St. David's Day party! We always have a crazy hat competition during our St. David's parties. It's a great way to get students creative and another way for us to celebrate St. David's Day.



St. David's Day Card

St. David's Day is coming up on the 1st March here in Wales and we have been so excited in class getting ready to celebrate.

Today we made this craft;

St. David's Day is a huge celebration here in Wales and we devote a lot of time to learning about it in our class. These cards were easy to make and look great when finished.

Staff cut out the shape of the dragon and fire and the grass.
Students folded an A4 piece of white card in half, then stuck down the green grass on top. The dragon and fire got stuck down next.

Then, students dipped their fingers into white paint and dotted them on the green grass. On they were dry, staff added some heads and feet to the white dots to make them into sheep. To finish it off the students stuck the 'Happy St. David's Day!' banner on top.

Have you been making any fun crafts for St. David's Day?

St David's Day: Daffodil Fingerprints

For St. David's Day we have been doing lots of fun Welsh crafts to celebrate. This week we made these adorable daffodil fingerprint paintings.

First, we mixed some water with green paint and painted the page so it and this water effect. Then we left it to dry.

Once it was dry, we used some yellow and orange paints, we dipped our fingers into it then placed them down to make daffodil shapes. Again, we left it to dry.

Once dry, we aded small enters for each of the daffodils, drew some stems and then backed it onto yellow card to create the finished piece!


Birthday Giveaway: 4 x $100 TpT Gift Cards!

So, my birthday is coming up and I've been trying to think of a fun way to celebrate not just my birthday, but also to celebrate my wonderful teaching friends all around the World who are constantly supporting me on my 'Teaching Autism' journey.

It didn't take me long to realise that I wanted to be able to offer out some TpT gift cards for teachers to use to buy some great resources for their classrooms! So, I decided to invite some TpT friends to tag along for the ride and this is where I give you my huge celebration giveaway...

There are going to be FOUR winners...


they are going to win $100 TpT Gift Cards EACH

That's right folks, there are 4 $100 TpT Gift Cards up for grabs in this giveaway. Now, there are 4 rafflecopter giveaways included in this blog post. Make sure you complete ALL the actions on each of the 4 rafflecopters to gain your entries.

The giveaway only runs for a few days, once it's over I'll draw each of the winners, contact you and then send you your gift cards so you can start shopping on TpT!

As always, thank you for supporting me in my Teaching Autism journey/dream - yes, it's pretty much a dream come true. Now, my one wish when I blow my candles out this year, is going to be to spend a little more time working on this blog, sharing the fun that we have in class and some great resources too.

Thanks for stopping by - and good luck! 
(Scroll down for the giveaways - remember to enter all 4!)


a Rafflecopter giveaway  a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway a Rafflecopter giveaway

Visit to the Beach

This month we went on a trip to the beach, we had a lot of fun, checking out the rock pools, looking at different types of shells and then the children collected some seaweed and stones for us to use in our art therapy sessions back in class.

We used the seaweed when we were painting portraits of ourselves. We first painted our portraits, then dipped the seaweed into paint, and dabbed the seaweed onto the paper to make a hair like effect for our hair.

Then, for our stones, we made little rock people.

First, we painted the rocks and. When they dried, we added some eyes and mouths. Once dry again we added a layer of PVA glue to secure it all together and to give it a shiny finish!

Check out our rock people below.



Chocolate Bananas

We have been trying to taste different fruits in class, so this week we decided to try and jazz up some bananas to make them more appealing to our children. They had so much fun cutting the bananas, melting the chocolate and then decorating the bananas and making them into popsicles!

They were a great way to encourage the students to work independently during the cookery session and to encourage them to taste something new.



Valentine's Card

We have been busy making Valentine Cards today. Do you like them?

First, we folded a piece of A3 card in half, then we watered down some pink paint and used it to make a water effect and painted all over the card and left it to dry.

Then, we got an a4 piece of white card and put it into a work tray. We squirted different colour paints (red, purple, pink, yellow) into the work tray and then used a golf ball to roll through the paints and around the a4 piece of card. Once the card was full we left it to try.

When the a4 piece of card was dry we cut it out into the shape of a heart and added some heart sequins. Then we stuck this onto the front the folded card. Added some messages inside and on the outside and they were done!

They were so easy to make, the kids had a blast and they look great!


TpT Seller Planner

Are you a seller on TpT? Do you struggle to stay organised and motivated throughout the School year on top of everything else you have going on? Then you seriously need to check out this totally awesome TpT planner (and I'm not just saying that because I made it - I can't live without it!)

So, I don't really know where to start with sharing this planner with you because it includes so much, so I'm just going to try and give you a brief outline of what it includes and how you can use it to improve your TpT life.

This planner will include LIFETIME UPDATES meaning that constant dates will be updated over the years and any additional updates for the planner will be included. Plus, if there's something that you think should be included or other sellers will benefit from, just ask me and I'll try my best to add it for you!

This planner includes the following:
♦ Covers
** 8 different options

♦ Divider cover pages - 12 different styles & editable versions in Powerpoint and Keynote - you can add/edit text - you can not extract images.
** Blog
** Brainstorming
** Calendar
** Conferences/Courses
** Goals/Milestones
** Income and Expenses
** Holidays/Seasonal
** Information
** Notes
** Products
** Promotions/Giveaways
** Social Media
** Stats
** Tips & Tricks
** To Do Lists

♦ Lost and found contact details
♦ Account details
♦ Handy websites
♦ Product description codes
♦ Links
♦ TpT buddies
♦ Goals
** Shoot for Gold - draw/write 3 goals
** Social - facebook, bloglovin', instagram and TpT
** Social - blank

♦ Daily, weekly and monthly tracking/recording
♦ Year calendars 2017-2020
♦ 2017 calendar pages with social media tracking, monthly overviews
♦ 2018 calendar pages with social media tracking, monthly overviews
♦ To do list
♦ Notes and Ideas - 2 x diff. notes pages, 1 x notes and ideas page
♦ Course & Conference Notes - 2 x diff. course notes, 2 x diff. conference notes
♦ My products
♦ Clipart purchases
♦ My licenses - 2 x diff. types
♦ Product ideas- 4 x diff. types
♦ Product updates - 4 x diff. types
♦ Product upload checklists - pre and post upload
♦ Donations list
♦ Promotion tracker
♦ Site wide sale information
♦ Giveaway information
♦ Giveaway set up information
♦ Blog ideas
♦ Blog linkies
♦ Pinterest tracker - 3 diff. types
♦ Brainstorming girl option
♦ Brainstorming boy option
♦ Product requests - 2 diff. types
♦ Newsletter submission tracking
♦ Product statistics
♦ Social media statistics - 2 diff. types
♦ Followers statistics - 2 diff. types
♦ My earnings tracking - 6 diff. types
♦ Incomes and expenses
♦ Sketch it out
♦ TpT milestone fun
♦ Blog milestone fun
♦ Fun milestone template
♦ 2017 holidays
♦ Tips/Advice - TpT, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Tailwind, Blogging
♦ Sight Word lists - pre primer to third
♦ Back page - TpT Now, Cha-Ching Later

These pages are a great way to brainstorm your ideas, keeping all your creativity in one place and a great way to pull product ideas/blog ideas etc. 

These pages are a great way for you to plan out your months. There's also mini social media boxes on the bottom of each day so that you can keep track of what you have done/scheduled. 

Keeping track of your goals is really important, and this social goals page is a great way for you to put all your school goals in one place. 

One of the best parts about TpT for me is to be able to collaborate with other TpTers, but let's face it. When you're put on the spot and trying to find some TpT buddies it can be hard trying to think of them all of the top of your head, I've been using this page to write down my fave TpT buddies, great for when I'm putting together giveaways and opportunities to collaborate etc.

I LOVE having somewhere to note down my ideas or any little notes that I may pick up on advice or courses that may be of help etc. These pages are a great way for me to keep track of them. 

So, if you're anything like me you get lots of product ideas, write them down quickly then when it comes to making them you can't properly remember what your ideas were for that product. These individual product pages are great ways for you to note down all your plans/ideas for the product and also a great box for you to record if you need anything - clipart to be bought etc.

This checklist is a great way for you to double check everything before you upload your resource to TpT. It's so easy to get caught up in the excitement of uploading something new that it can be hard to remember everything.

Have you ever taken part in a giveaway/promotion but had a few things going on over the course of that week and totally forgotten the details? Well, worry no longer! This page is a great way for you to keep track of all the details when you sign up for the giveaway/promotion!

Or maybe you host your own giveaways. There's a page for that too! Great to be able to keep track of all the ideas that you have for the giveaway/promotion in one place.

Taking part in site wide sales is all part of the fun with TpT - but do you record the info and look back on your stats? It's so wonderful to be able to look back and check out how your store has grown/progressed through the different sales.

This is an example of one type of the divider cover pages. I use these to separate the different parts of my planner so I can keep track of where everything is kept.

Pinterest is a HUGE part of my promotion - and many other TpT sellers too. But it can be hard to keep track of so many different thing, but since I've been using these Pinterest tracker pages I've been able to work more on my Pinterest strategies and start to see the progress.

This monthly snapshot is probably the most motivating page in the whole planner for me. I printed out 12 - 1 for each month and spent a bit of time filling in from previous years sale records. Now each month I fill it in with any information, followers, sales etc. It is so much fun to be able to see the progress that my store is making and definitely keeps me more motivated!

This page is a GOD SEND for when I want to jazz up my descriptions, it's so easy now for me to just flip to this page in my planner when doing the descriptions.

If you're anything like me, organising by days, weeks and months can be so much more motivating and helps me to get a lot more done. I like to be able to map out what my days/weeks/months are going to look like and what I can work through.

That's all I'm going to share today. I hope this blog post has been able to give you an insight into what my TpT planner includes and how it can help you stay organised and keep motivated.

If you want any more information check it out here. Or, have you considered becoming a TpT seller? Just click here and be re-directed to find out more information. Referral link included.


Painting with Seaweed

So, this week we took our kids on a trip to the beach and pier. They absolutely love going to the beach and on our trip day it was a little sunny so we wrapped up warm and headed off.

The kids love to go into the rock pools, so we went exploring to see what we could find. Then we collected some bits for our art therapy session that afternoon.

One of the most fun things we got was seaweed because we used it to paint with instead of paintbrushes! The kids found it so much fun finding bits of seaweed to take back to class with us, finding all different sizes and it was a great way to get them used to some different textures.

In art therapy in the afternoon we painted self portraits, then we got out different colour paints and then dipped the seaweed into them. We used the seaweed to dab onto our self portraits to make hair. 
Check out how they looked: 


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