Winter Adapted Books / Sentence Building

Welcome to Winter! Here it's cold and wet - but I know that doesn't necessarily ring true for the rest of the World. I have LOVED watching all the wonderful snow pictures from my fellow teacher friends from around the World, I hope you're all keeping safe and warm, and having a wonderful start to the year.

Today, I'm going to share with you my Winter Sentence Building / Adapted Books. These books you will find throughout my TpT in different themes and many people actually don't realise what a wonderful resource they are and how much they help students of any ability! Each of my packs come in different levels to suit individual learners too - so there's something for everyone!

The main idea behind these books are that they will encourage students to pay closer attention to detail, start to recognise symbols and words and then begin building sentences in a correct order and to match what they see.

As it's Winter, today I'm going to share my Winter themed Sentence Building / Adapted Books Pack.

So, included in this pack are 11 different books that are targeted at different levels. As you can see the image above, some books have two symbols, some have three, some are full sentences! 

All of the books come in col and b/w option except for 2 - allowing you to save on ink prices too! Each book comes with a set of instructions on how to put it together and how to use it to the best of it's ability with your students.

Please note that all my resources come in both spelling options of colour / color for different countries.

Although these books are perfect for Autism students, Spec Ed students etc. they also work great in mainstream Schools in the first phases of sentence building.

The books included in this pack are:
  • I can see colour/color and number (i.e I see 5 red snowmen) 
  • Color/Colour snowmen (i.e red snowman)
  • How many? (i.e 2 polar bears)
  • Snowman Feeling Level 1 (i.e happy snowman)
  • Penguin Feeling Level 2 (i.e Penguin is angry)
  • Prepositions - Level 1 (students find the one symbol to fit into sentence)
  • Prepositions - Level 2 (students fill in objects and preposition symbol)
  • Prepositions - Full Sentences (students fill in complete sentence i.e the penguin is under the snowflake)
  • What doing? - Level 1 (i.e snowman dancing)
  • What doing? - Level 2 (i.e the snowman is dancing)
  • What? - Level 1 (i.e polar bear)

Here is an example of the Level 1 snowman feeling book. Students have to choose the 2 correct and matching symbols from the base board to put into the empty boxes to match the image above - i.e happy snowman, angry snowman. This book is not only great for encouraging students to pay attention to detail and start to work on their sentence structure, it's also a great way to introduce the topic of feelings!

This is an example of the Level 2 Prepositions book. As you can see, the student isn't yet of the ability to complete the whole sentence, but they are able to place 3 symbols/words into the correct parts of the sentence. Students have to look at the image above - select the two objects that they can see i.e the snow cone and the boy, then find out the preposition - next to. They then have to place them into the correct order and places of the sentence to build the sentence.

This is an example of the harder level 'what doing' book. Students have to look at what the snowman is doing and then build a sentence to reflect the image above. It really does encourage students to pay closer attention to detail and actually look at what the snowman is doing.

I am so pleased to announce that my sentence building / adapted books are being used in classrooms around the World, and it makes me so giddy to receive the wonderful feedback and compliments from other teachers on how well these resources are working with their students.

If you want to find out more information about my Winter themed pack just click here or any of the images above to be re-directed. Also, don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions!



  1. Love all of your resources for our autistic kiddos. They are so helpful!

  2. My kids will LOVE this! Thanks for sharing.


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