Speech Session: Alphabet Crown Rewards

This week we have been working on the alphabet in our speech sessions, particularly concentrating on letter sounds and finding objects that start with these letters.

The most fun part of this activity is using the Alphabet Reward Crowns at the end. The students really do feel like they've achieved something when they get rewarded with their crowns, plus they can wear them too! The crowns are still classed as part of the work for the students as well as being a reward by having students to read / sound out the crown and color / colour in the different images.

As you can see they come in King and Queen option to make them more personal for the students. I give these crowns to the students when they have mastered a particular letter. We usually concentrate on one letter of the alphabet per speech session, so if they completed the session well and mastered the letter, they'll be rewarded with a crown at the end of the session - if not, there's always tomorrow to work on the letter again and give them another chance to earn their crown!

The crowns are a real motivator for the students and is a great way to encourage them and keep them on task, encouraging them to do their best.

If you want to check these alphabet crown rewards out you can find them here.

How do you reward your students when they master their letters?


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