Happy Back to School Day!

Tomorrow we go back to School - well for us staff do anyway, it's an INSET day, so the kiddos are still off, they start back Wednesday. The first day back is always a hard one, the kids have had the most wonderful time of, going crazy, eating everything, having lie-ins, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things.

So why not mix it up and have a bit of fun to start off 2017? Check out my free 2017 Resolution Download you can find here. It comes in different levels so you can differentiate for the students in your class and use it in different ways as well as coming with different title options and boy/girl designs.

You can either have students to write down something they want to happen in the next year, or work towards or they can do some cutting and sticking of goals for the next year if this is more of a suitable level for them.

Either way, the differing levels means that everyone can get involved and take part in the same activity!


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