100th Day!

You guys, you've almost made it! The 100th Day of School! Until I started collaborating with TpT sellers from all around the World, I had no idea that the 100th Day of School was actually a sort of celebration and learning opportunity - it's wonderful!

My lovely friends over in America reach this before us as they start School before us, but I just wanted to share these fun 100th Day of School activities that you can use with your students this year to celebrate this great milestone!

This work book includes 21 pages of different activities as well as a certificate and crown for students to be rewarded with at the end. The certificate comes in col and b/w option for your printing preference.

As you can see, this work book comes with two different cover options - boy and girl. It also has room for your students to write their names and make this work book more personal to them.

There are a wide range of skills to be targeted in this work book, yet it is a very low prep activity, simply print and put together as a book or print out as individual worksheets and put together as a book at the end.

Being able to work on number and color/colour skills is also important.

A great way for students to work on their sight words.

The counting in ... pages are a great way to work on students math skills and work with numbers in different ways.

This labelling activity is a fun way for students to work on their understanding of objects and words.

This booklet even includes some sight words for your students to work on!

This provides students with a chance to trace 100 words! The words are all sight words - they contain the whole pre-primer and primer list and 8 words from the first list.

Counting to 100 is made even more fun when it's on the 100th Day of School!

This mystery number grid is a great way for students to pay close attention to detail, follow instructions and to have an end result - the number 100!

Looking to the future is always a fun activity, and on this worksheet students get to draw themselves of what they will look like at 100 years old and what they would like to do on their 100th birthday.

This is a great worksheet to encourage students to pay close attention to detail. As well as trying to find and highlight the numbers '100' that have been mixed up around other numbers, they also have to count how many 100's they found.

100 items sure does look a lot! It's also great fun for your students to color/colour in too!

This worksheet is a great way to encourage your students to get up and get moving, a great movement break for them. Students love the challenge of trying to complete the different actions in 100 seconds.

This worksheet also goes down well and is a lot of fun for students.

And these are the reward crowns. The crowns actually come in b/w option and can be printed either on colour/color card as above or on white. Students get to decorate the crowns and then put together to wear to celebrate their 100th Day!

If you want to check out this work book in more detail either click on one of the images above or here to be redirected.

So, what will you be doing to celebrate this 100th Day?

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