TpT Gift Card Giveaway!!

Hi everyone. Can you believe we're almost at the end of February? This year is flying by, and what better way to end January than to have a TpT gift card giveaway!

You could win a $60 TpT Gift Card just by entering on the rafflecopter at the end of this blog post! What would you spend the gift card on? Clipart? Fonts? Teaching resources? Classroom management resources? Planning templates? Powerpoint Games? Speech therapy games? The list is endless for what you can find on TpT!

You have until the 3rd of February to enter - make sure you don't miss out!

Good luck!

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Let's be a Positive Force on Inauguration Day!

It's Inauguration Day! Whether you be happy, sad, unsure, excited - or feeling whatever - this Inauguration Day, just make sure to reflect on how wonderful your life is, and how it can be filled with kindness, respect and love.

I've joined forces with some wonderful, fellow TpTers to bring you some amazing free resources and you can find them all on TpT!

Just search the hashtags 
#kindnessnation and #weholdthesetruths
on Teachers Pay Teachers to see all the results of these amazing resources - which are FREE for you to download!

(Thanks for the image @Trendingtech_tn)

So, what resource am I giving away?

This resource contains a short powerpoint presentation on anti bullying and to promote friendship. The slides are set so that you can all discuss ideas and answers for the question before clicking to load some ideas/answers on the powerpoint.

This presentation is a great resource to have during anti bullying week/month and will help you to promote kindness and friendship within your classroom and with your students.

This is a powerpoint presentation meaning you will need microsoft powerpoint to play the slideshow.

We all know how hard it can be to get students engaged when working on topics such as anti bullying, and it can be such a hard topic to discuss, and hopefully this powerpoint will get your students thinking on a wider scale and help make it more understandable and engaging for them.

Be sure to check out the inlinkz at the bottom of this post for some more great free resources that are being advertised this Inauguration Day!


Fellow TpTers - if you have a free resource that is part of this Inauguration Day hashtag promotion, please feel free to add the link in the below inlinkz link up.


Speech Shopping Fun!

Everyday, our class splits into two different speech groups - sorted on abilities. Our higher level group needed a new fun game this term so I created this wonderful shopping game - they absolutely LOVE it! It's been a huge hit and there are so many different learning opportunities included, plus getting them used to the names of different foods!

This game comes complete with everything you need to play, just simply print, cut and laminate and you're all set to go!

The game comes in 2 different difficulty levels to differentiate for students.

This is a great game to include in your speech sessions or even 1:1 sessions. It will encourage students to pay attention to detail, follow instructions, recognise different foods/drinks and be able to match them to their instructions. It also encourages wider use of vocabulary and sentence structure as well as working towards life skills.

First, you hand students their individual trolley and choose a shopping list. Then lay out the cards across the table and have students try to find the items from their shopping list and add them to their shopping trolley.

The students have so much fun, they don't even realise they're still learning! It's also a great way to prepare students for shopping visits, improve upon their life skills and to follow instructions/a list.

If you want to find out more information on this resource click here or any of the images above.



Speech Session: Alphabet Crown Rewards

This week we have been working on the alphabet in our speech sessions, particularly concentrating on letter sounds and finding objects that start with these letters.

The most fun part of this activity is using the Alphabet Reward Crowns at the end. The students really do feel like they've achieved something when they get rewarded with their crowns, plus they can wear them too! The crowns are still classed as part of the work for the students as well as being a reward by having students to read / sound out the crown and color / colour in the different images.

As you can see they come in King and Queen option to make them more personal for the students. I give these crowns to the students when they have mastered a particular letter. We usually concentrate on one letter of the alphabet per speech session, so if they completed the session well and mastered the letter, they'll be rewarded with a crown at the end of the session - if not, there's always tomorrow to work on the letter again and give them another chance to earn their crown!

The crowns are a real motivator for the students and is a great way to encourage them and keep them on task, encouraging them to do their best.

If you want to check these alphabet crown rewards out you can find them here.

How do you reward your students when they master their letters?



Winter Adapted Books / Sentence Building

Welcome to Winter! Here it's cold and wet - but I know that doesn't necessarily ring true for the rest of the World. I have LOVED watching all the wonderful snow pictures from my fellow teacher friends from around the World, I hope you're all keeping safe and warm, and having a wonderful start to the year.

Today, I'm going to share with you my Winter Sentence Building / Adapted Books. These books you will find throughout my TpT in different themes and many people actually don't realise what a wonderful resource they are and how much they help students of any ability! Each of my packs come in different levels to suit individual learners too - so there's something for everyone!

The main idea behind these books are that they will encourage students to pay closer attention to detail, start to recognise symbols and words and then begin building sentences in a correct order and to match what they see.

As it's Winter, today I'm going to share my Winter themed Sentence Building / Adapted Books Pack.

So, included in this pack are 11 different books that are targeted at different levels. As you can see the image above, some books have two symbols, some have three, some are full sentences! 

All of the books come in col and b/w option except for 2 - allowing you to save on ink prices too! Each book comes with a set of instructions on how to put it together and how to use it to the best of it's ability with your students.

Please note that all my resources come in both spelling options of colour / color for different countries.

Although these books are perfect for Autism students, Spec Ed students etc. they also work great in mainstream Schools in the first phases of sentence building.

The books included in this pack are:
  • I can see colour/color and number (i.e I see 5 red snowmen) 
  • Color/Colour snowmen (i.e red snowman)
  • How many? (i.e 2 polar bears)
  • Snowman Feeling Level 1 (i.e happy snowman)
  • Penguin Feeling Level 2 (i.e Penguin is angry)
  • Prepositions - Level 1 (students find the one symbol to fit into sentence)
  • Prepositions - Level 2 (students fill in objects and preposition symbol)
  • Prepositions - Full Sentences (students fill in complete sentence i.e the penguin is under the snowflake)
  • What doing? - Level 1 (i.e snowman dancing)
  • What doing? - Level 2 (i.e the snowman is dancing)
  • What? - Level 1 (i.e polar bear)

Here is an example of the Level 1 snowman feeling book. Students have to choose the 2 correct and matching symbols from the base board to put into the empty boxes to match the image above - i.e happy snowman, angry snowman. This book is not only great for encouraging students to pay attention to detail and start to work on their sentence structure, it's also a great way to introduce the topic of feelings!

This is an example of the Level 2 Prepositions book. As you can see, the student isn't yet of the ability to complete the whole sentence, but they are able to place 3 symbols/words into the correct parts of the sentence. Students have to look at the image above - select the two objects that they can see i.e the snow cone and the boy, then find out the preposition - next to. They then have to place them into the correct order and places of the sentence to build the sentence.

This is an example of the harder level 'what doing' book. Students have to look at what the snowman is doing and then build a sentence to reflect the image above. It really does encourage students to pay closer attention to detail and actually look at what the snowman is doing.

I am so pleased to announce that my sentence building / adapted books are being used in classrooms around the World, and it makes me so giddy to receive the wonderful feedback and compliments from other teachers on how well these resources are working with their students.

If you want to find out more information about my Winter themed pack just click here or any of the images above to be re-directed. Also, don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions!



100th Day!

You guys, you've almost made it! The 100th Day of School! Until I started collaborating with TpT sellers from all around the World, I had no idea that the 100th Day of School was actually a sort of celebration and learning opportunity - it's wonderful!

My lovely friends over in America reach this before us as they start School before us, but I just wanted to share these fun 100th Day of School activities that you can use with your students this year to celebrate this great milestone!

This work book includes 21 pages of different activities as well as a certificate and crown for students to be rewarded with at the end. The certificate comes in col and b/w option for your printing preference.

As you can see, this work book comes with two different cover options - boy and girl. It also has room for your students to write their names and make this work book more personal to them.

There are a wide range of skills to be targeted in this work book, yet it is a very low prep activity, simply print and put together as a book or print out as individual worksheets and put together as a book at the end.

Being able to work on number and color/colour skills is also important.

A great way for students to work on their sight words.

The counting in ... pages are a great way to work on students math skills and work with numbers in different ways.

This labelling activity is a fun way for students to work on their understanding of objects and words.

This booklet even includes some sight words for your students to work on!

This provides students with a chance to trace 100 words! The words are all sight words - they contain the whole pre-primer and primer list and 8 words from the first list.

Counting to 100 is made even more fun when it's on the 100th Day of School!

This mystery number grid is a great way for students to pay close attention to detail, follow instructions and to have an end result - the number 100!

Looking to the future is always a fun activity, and on this worksheet students get to draw themselves of what they will look like at 100 years old and what they would like to do on their 100th birthday.

This is a great worksheet to encourage students to pay close attention to detail. As well as trying to find and highlight the numbers '100' that have been mixed up around other numbers, they also have to count how many 100's they found.

100 items sure does look a lot! It's also great fun for your students to color/colour in too!

This worksheet is a great way to encourage your students to get up and get moving, a great movement break for them. Students love the challenge of trying to complete the different actions in 100 seconds.

This worksheet also goes down well and is a lot of fun for students.

And these are the reward crowns. The crowns actually come in b/w option and can be printed either on colour/color card as above or on white. Students get to decorate the crowns and then put together to wear to celebrate their 100th Day!

If you want to check out this work book in more detail either click on one of the images above or here to be redirected.

So, what will you be doing to celebrate this 100th Day?

Happy Back to School Day!

Tomorrow we go back to School - well for us staff do anyway, it's an INSET day, so the kiddos are still off, they start back Wednesday. The first day back is always a hard one, the kids have had the most wonderful time of, going crazy, eating everything, having lie-ins, it can be hard to get back into the swing of things.

So why not mix it up and have a bit of fun to start off 2017? Check out my free 2017 Resolution Download you can find here. It comes in different levels so you can differentiate for the students in your class and use it in different ways as well as coming with different title options and boy/girl designs.

You can either have students to write down something they want to happen in the next year, or work towards or they can do some cutting and sticking of goals for the next year if this is more of a suitable level for them.

Either way, the differing levels means that everyone can get involved and take part in the same activity!



Happy New Year!

I haven't posted on here for a while just because of how manic our Christmas and New Year tends to be, going visiting and catching up with family, and getting to spend some time with Nath all means that my blog definitely gets neglected.

But, I wanted to stop by and wish you all the best for the New Year.

2016 was more than I could have ever imagined for myself both on a business level with Teaching Autism and a personal level. Nath is now a big part of Teaching Autism, taking care of the Pinterest side of things which has definitely lightened my work load, my blog has flourished, my TpT store grew to somewhere I couldn't have dreamed it would, and continues to grow, but most importantly, I made some wonderful TpT friends, who I've had the most wonderful time getting to know and collaborating with. So much has happened in 2016 that I could never put it all into one blog post, so I am definitely looking forward to 2017 and what it's going to bring us this year.

So, Happy New Year everyone! I'm wishing you the happiest and healthiest of years and can't wait to see where it takes us all!


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