Day 3 of Christmas Fun!

Welcome to the third day of my Christmas Fun 2017 blog series. It's the 3rd of December and things are starting to look real Christmassy around here!

Today I'm sharing with you this fingerprint Christmas tree decoration.

This decoration is a great keepsake to be placed onto a Christmas tree year after year and is great for you to make with your students.

Follow the simple instructions below to find out how you can make this craft too.

You will need:
  • Air drying clay
  • Green paint
  • Different colour glitter
  • Knife
  • Red ribbon
  • Christmas tree cookie cutter
  • Greaseproof paper
  • Glue
You will need to do the following:
  • Roll out the air drying clay onto some greaseproof paper - to avoid it sticking to the table. Don't roll it too think - you want it quick thick to be stable. Then, use the Christmas tree cookie cutter to cut out the shape of a Christmas tree. Use a knife to make a hole at the top of the tree - where the ribbon will go to hang it as a decoration. Get your students to use their finger to make some fingerprints onto the tree in 3 different places. Leave to dry.
  • Once dry, paint the Christmas tree green, leave to dry again.
  • Once dry, put small dabs of glue into each of the fingerprints. Add different colours of glitter onto each of the glue to make them look like baubles. Leave to dry again.
  • Once dry, tie the ribbon through the hole at the top of the tree- and it's done!
Happy crafting!


Day 2 of Christmas Fun

Welcome to day 2 of my Christmas Fun blog series. Up today is this adorable Snowman handprint bauble decoration.

This bauble craft is adorable and will be an amazing keepsake for parents/families to hang on the Christmas trees every year.

Follow the directions below to find out how you can make this adorable craft with your students too!

You will need:
  • A plain bauble
  • White paint
  • Black marker
  • Orange Marker
  • Green/Blue Markers - or any colour you want to use for hats.
Follow the directions below to create this craft:
  • Paint one of the child's hands white. Place the bauble towards the top of their hands so that their fingers reach halfway up. Once lined up, push the child's hand onto it so that the paint sticks.
  • Hang up to dry somewhere.
  • Once dry, use a black marker to draw eyes, mouth and button onto the snowmen.
  • Use an orange marker to draw a carrot (for a nose) onto the snowmen.
  • Use different colour markers - your preference to draw hats or hair onto each of the snowmen (fingerprints)
  • Use some white paint to dot some 'snow' around the snowmen on the bauble.
Happy crafting!

Day 1 of Christmas Fun

From the success and popularity of last years 'Christmas Fun' blog series, I have decided to do this again this year, so prepare yourselves for some fun crafts and cookery activities to be filling your blog feed over the next couple of weeks.

If you decide to have a go at making any of these activities that I share with you, please feel free to send me some images - I love seeing what you guys have created!

Happy 1st of December!

Up today, on the 1st day of my Christmas Fun 2017 blog series is this Winter robin. I understand that not every School or classroom celebrates Christmas, so I thought we would start with this adorable robin. The robin is a great part of Winter - and also Christmas - but you can keep it just as Winter!

This craft is pretty easy to make and looks absolutely adorable at the same time. Follow the directions below to create this craft too.

You will need:
  • Paper plate x 2
  • Brown paint
  • Yellow card/paper - cut out into beak shape and legs.
  • Googly eyes x 2
  • Glue
  • Red glitter
Follow the directions below:
  • Cut one paper plate into quarters. Paint two of the quarters and the whole paper plate brown and leave to dry.
  • Once dry, draw out a quarter of the robin on the bottom and add glue, then add red glitter on top - as shown above.
  • Once dry again, glue each quarter of the paper plate facing upwards behind the main paper plate - wings.
  • Glue the legs onto the back of the bottom paper plate.
  • Glue the beak and googly eyes onto the paper plate.
Happy crafting!


My Favourite Christmas Books

Can you believe it's almost Christmas?! We have a tradition each year where we wrap a selection of different Christmas books and put them under our tree, then each day we unwrap a book and read it together. It's a great way to get the children excited to read, and also to get into the Christmas spirit altogether!


Happy Black Friday!

I hope you've all had a great week and had a great Thanksgiving! But today is Black Friday and that means you'll be able to grab some bargains from almost everywhere from most of your favourite retailers and I don't want to disappoint.. so, if you are after a great bargain be sure to follow my Facebook page or search #TABlackFridaySpecial on my store (here) to grab some amazing resources for HUGELY discounted prices!

Follow my Facebook page here to stay up to date with all the great discounts as they go live - but be quick, because some are for a limited time only! And this will be taking place all weekend!


Who Pushed Humpty Dumpty? Crime Scene

You've all heard the rhyme of Humpty Dumpty, I'm sure. But, have you heard the alternate version - where somebody pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall? Check out this amazing crime scene investigation where students can investigate a 'real' crime scene, following clues and trying to figure out who the culprit is. Read on to find out more..


What is a Sensory Diet?

If you work in the Special Education field, there's no doubt you've heard people talking about a sensory diet. But, what exactly is a sensory diet?


Skittle Pumpkin

You've probably all seen the amazing skittle videos that do the rounds on Facebook where the water pulls the colours into the middle of the plate, right? BUT, have you seen the PUMPKIN version? It's a MUST for you and your students this Halloween season. These types of science experiments are always my favourite - they're quick, easy to follow and don't cost you a lot of money to do! So, how do you do it? Read on..


Erupting Pumpkin

We have been having SO much fun the past couple of months doing lots of science experiments, and this erupting pumpkin is one of our favourites so far. It's quick and easy to do, but it also doesn't need many ingredients making it affordable for you to do a few runs of it.


My Favourite Halloween Books

Halloween is coming and we can't wait! We love to celebrate all the different holidays in our classroom, but Halloween is always one of our favourite. The children get to dress up in their halloween costumes, we have a disco, buffet and lots of fun games to get us in the Halloween spirit. In class we also do a lot of crafts, cooking and different work activities linked to Halloween. But, one of the best things we do is read some Halloween themed books.


Teach Healthy Eating

Eating a balanced and healthy diet is important for every single person in the World, young, old, or in between, a healthy diet is one of the most important things to have in your life.

But, did you know by starting a healthy lifestyle in childhood has long term benefits throughout that child's life too? One of the main positives from starting a healthy lifestyle in children, is that they are more likely to continue this on throughout the rest of their life.


Fun Sized Compliments

We all know how much children LOVE to receive compliments, how much it helps to motivate them and keep them going, but also to feel proud of themselves.

Compliments are so important to not just children, but everyone in every day life. There can be so much negativity around the World, especially publicised in the news, so it's important to keep some positivity, especially within your learning environment.


Books to Read for Growth Mindset

Growth mindset is huge right now and is being used in learning environments all around the World. This blog post is hopefully going to give you an overview of what Growth Mindset is, how you can use it in your classroom - including a free resource for you to download but also some amazing books that are going to help you understand more about Growth Mindset and how you can implement it into your learning environment too.


How Can You Teach Autism Awareness?

More and more children, diagnosed with autism are now being taught in mainstream / general education settings, and one of the toughest parts of this, is teaching other children about autism and how we can help promote and support autism awareness.

So, as you may or may not know, Autism Awareness Month takes place in April, and although it's important to take part in different activities during this month to promote autism awareness, it's also important to promote autism awareness all year around and to all your students.

So, how can you promote autism awareness? Below, you're going to find a bunch of different ideas of how you can start promoting autism awareness with your students in your learning environment.


Expanding to Hard Goods!

These past few months at 'Teaching Autism' headquarters have been pretty flabbergasting, there's been times where I've had to stand back and look at just how many wonderful supporters I now have, from all around the World.


5 Reasons Why YOU Should Shop on TpT

In the teaching World there are now a LOT of places where you can get your hands on some great resources for your classroom, sometimes you can't get everything you want in one place and sometimes you just can't find that one thing that you really need/want for your students. If you're struggling, I highly recommend looking at Teachers Pay Teachers.


New Blog Design!

Hello to all new blog followers, and welcome back to my loyal fans. You might have noticed a bit of a different this past week with what's been going on with my blog - well I'm over the moon to say I had it redesigned! It was something that had been on my to do list for SO long and it's finally complete! I can't thank Kristen from Chalk and Apple designs enough!

Some of my favourite changes to my blog are that you can now access all my crafts and cookery posts by using the links at the top of this page! It's going to make it so much easier to have everything organised and in one place for you to scroll through.

Hope you're all having a wonderful Summer, just one week left of no School here and then back to another crazy School year,


Do you want to be a WINNER?

Fancy winning some extra spending money to help you purchase everything you need for your 2017-18 classroom? Myself and a team of amazing teachers have grouped together to gift TWO awesome teachers with a TPT or AMAZON gift cards. 

Classroom Management with Table Mats

In our classroom it's really important to provide consistency for our students, but also to help them follow the daily routine and to know what to expect, so transition can be quite tricky, especially from different activities.


Teaching Life Skills

Teaching life skills can be a hard task in any setting - whether it be in a classroom in School or at home. Plus you might not always have access to the life skills that you want to teach, and this is where we hit the same brick wall. 


Teacher Appreciation Week: Win a $25 TpT Gift Card

So, for Teacher Appreciation week, I'm not just giving you the chance to win 1 gift card but 2 gift cards! Below you will find my 2nd giveaway for a TpT gift card - this one for $25! Don't forget to enter on the previous blog post for the chance to win a $100 TpT gift card too!

Mother's Day Baking

This coming weekend is Mother's Day in the US. Here in the UK, we've already celebrated it, so I wanted to share with you some of the goodies that we made in class with our students to take home for their mothers on Mother's Day.

Today, I'm going to share with you some of the lovely baking that we did and sent home - trust me, it was a huge hit with the mums!

Teacher Appreciation Week: Win a $100 TpT Gift Card

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to educators everywhere. Please know, that you have helped to touch lives every day throughout your career and we all appreciate how much each other works in this field.

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Mother's Day Handprint Mum Craft

With you guys over in the US, Mother's Day is fast approaching. So why not use this quick and fun handprint craft to send home to your students mum to celebrate Mother's Day this year. The handprints make them a little more personalised and you can use colours to personalise to the mum's as well!

What you will need;
  • Brown paint / coloured paint for hair
  • Skin colour paint - cream/brown etc.
  • Flower felts/stickers
  • Heart felts/stickers
  • Googly eyes
  • Black marker
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pink card
  • White card
What you will need to do;
  1. Paint your students hands in two different colours; the hair is going to be the fingers and the face is going to be the palm of the hand. Place the handprint down onto a white piece of card and leave to dry.
  2. Once dry, cut out the handprint and then stick it down onto pink card.
  3. Stick on some googly eyes and the heart for the mouth. Use a marker to draw the nose and then add the flower onto the hair.
  4. Use a pen or print out a 'Happy Mother's Day' sign to put on the bottom.
  5. Finished!


Mother's Day Card: I love you to pieces

Here in the UK, we've already celebrated Mother's Day, but I thought I would share some of our Mother's Day crafts again for my US followers who are going to be celebrating soon. In our class, we love to make a fuss of our parents on Mother's Day and Father's Day so we get the kids to do lots of fun crafts and baking in the class to give to them. 

This 3 fold card is actually super easy to make and looks absolutely amazing - it looks even better in the flesh. These are actually super simple to make, so don't be put off.

What you will need;
  • Tissue paper in different colours ripped up into small pieces
  • Heart template
  • Felt pens
  • Large white card
What you need to do;
  1. Fold your white card into 3 pieces
  2. On the first page, stick some of the tissue paper pieces on and write 'mum'
  3. On the second page, stick some more of the tissue paper pieces on and write 'i love you'
  4. On the third and final page, stick down the heart template, then stick on some of the ripped tissue paper pieces. Then add 'to pieces' on the bottom.
  5. Finished

Ways to Cool Down on Hot School Days

Are you still in School when the days get hot? Does your classroom get even hotter than normal and get your students - and yourselves - all antsy and hot and bothered? Then check out these 10 ways that you can help cool everyone down..

10 ways to keep cool in the classroom

1) Paddling Pools

A lot of Schools aren't able to allow students to go into paddling pools and use swimwear but you can use paddling pools in lots of different ways. You can dip your feet in them, you can sit around the sides and just play with the water. The great thing about cool water is it's going to cool you down! 

  2) Water Pistol Fight!

So, in the Summer we always ask parents to send in some spare clothes and if they're happy for them to have some water play - they always are, especially when it means helping their children stay cool. Now, we tend to keep this activity as an after dinner one so we've done our work for the day and then it's relax time. We change them into their spare clothes, go out into the garden and give the students their own water pistol each, then have fun! You can either get them to shoot water at each other or at obstacles around the garden, at staff, at themselves etc. This is a free choice activity and just a way for them to cool down so you can encourage them to play as they wish - within means.

3) Water Bombs

Have you seen these bunch o bombs? Our kids had so much fun last summer filling them up and throwing them onto the floor and watching them burst! We put wellies on them so they could throw them to the floor and not worry about their shoes getting wet. It was a great way for the students to cool down.

4) Outside areas

If you have an outside space, invest in a pop up gazebo to provide some shade when outside. You can put a table of cool drinks, ice or water play under here to give students somewhere to go to cool down.

5) Cooling Mist Spray

This spray is one of our most important items during the hot, summer months. You can spray it onto your face to cool you down or on any body part - and onto students. When we mentioned this to the parents of the kiddos in our class, they all invested in some and sent it in with permission for us to put onto our kids, we always taught our kids how to apply it to themselves when they are really hot - it really helps cool them down quickly.

6) Make frozen lollies!

This is great for you to do together with your students. Just simply invest in some lollipop moulds, fill them with juices, water, chopped fruit, whatever you want then put them into the freezer and let them go hard. Once done, you can pull them out on hot days to help cool everyone down. 

7) Have lots of FLUIDS

The most important thing to do during the hot, summer days is having lots of fluids available. Make sure you take cool water drinks through the day, allow extra breaks for students to be able to grab a glass of water - encourage water over sodas and try to engage your students with working on dehydration and the importance of fluids.

8) Fans

If you are able to invest in some electrical fans and have them around the classroom - do it! Put them out of the reach of your students and if you can have more than one, dot them around the room to rotate around.

9) Blinds

If you have blinds in your classroom, try to keep these closed where possible - either around all of the room or most of the room, this avoids letting the sun into the room heating it up and also provides shaded areas for your students.

10) Ice Play

Use the summer months to learn about ice and the arctic. You can use this opportunity for lots of ice play in the classroom, especially in tough-spots where you can have ice all around for students to play with, this will help to create a cooling atmosphere.

I hope these tips help you to stay cool in the classroom! Do you struggle with a hot classroom/learning space? What tips/tricks have you picked up?



Pixie Dust Fortnight: Freebie!

Today as part of my pixie dust fortnight, I've put one of my paid resources to FREE! This is for today only so head on over quick to get it for free and remember to leave some feedback!

This resource contains 2 different types of Spring themed counting task cards; put a peg on the correct number or circle the correct number. 

22 different task cards in total ranging in numbers from 0-20. 

There are 4 task cards per page and come in color/colour and black/white option. 

There are instructions included on the front page of the document. I recommend cutting them out individually and then laminating them, this will make them stronger and longer lasting - meaning you can use them over and over again.

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out here.


$1 Pixie Dust

There's not many more days left of my pixie dust fun.. so be sure to grab the deals while you see them! Today, I'm reducing my very popular conversation prompt task cards down to just $1! You'll never see them this low again!

This resource includes 104 different prompt cards to help and encourage students to make conversation.

Conversation is a hard skill for our students to master, especially when trying to start one. These prompt cards help to break the ice and encourage your students to feel more supported and confident when starting a conversation. A conversation helps to build relationships between students or even staff. It's also a great way for you to find out more about your students in class - especially if you have many shy students who usually struggle to keep a conversation flowing.

So, if you think this resource will be a big hit with your students - get it now when it's just $1! Check it out here.



Pixie Dust Summer

Pixie Dust fortnight is almost coming to an end. I've had so much fun pixie dusting you all with some great resources i'll be sad to see it come to an end.

Today you can grab my Summer adapted / sentence building books pack reduced from $8 to $2!!

This pack includes 7 different sentence building / adapted books all related to Summer theme. All books come in b/w and col option but 2. The books come in different levels of sentence building to suit individual learners.

Check it out here.


TWO Pixie Dust Resources!

So, as you may know my pixie dust fortnight continues.. I'm doing this fun pixie dust fortnight as a one time event just because I'm having so much fun on my Disney holiday, I wanted to share some pixie dust love with all my teaching/professional friends around the World.

So, today is a little bit different because I'm pixie dusting you TWO fabulous resources! These are going to be reduced for TODAY ONLY so hurry and buy them quick while you've got time!

First up is my Sorting Categories Task Cards (a GROWING bundle!)

This resource is a growing bundle of different sorting categories task cards. A growing bundle means that more activities will be added to the bundle over time. 

This resource is a great way for students to work on their sorting and categorising skills. They are used with an Autism Classroom on a regular basis which have really helped to develop the children's understanding. As well as suiting an Autism Classroom, this resource would also benefit Spec Ed Classrooms and even Mainstream Classrooms.

This resource is currently worth over $60 and is going to be added to as I made more task cards over time. But today, you can grab it for just $5!!!

How can you refuse an offer like that?
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And second, we have my Community Helpers Activity Bundle.

Now, this activity bundle is packed full of amazing resources that you can use your community helpers unit. It has over 700 pages of resources and is worth over $40! There are a wide range of different activities included that will keep your students engaged, focused and eager to learn throughout your community helpers topic. And today only you can grab this great resource pack for just $2.50!!

This is an amazing deal and you won't want to miss it!
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I hope you're enjoying my pixie dust fortnight and grabbing yourself some great resources at amazing prices!


Pixie Dust Fortnight Continued...

So, are you all enjoying my pixie dust fortnight? Today is another special treat as I've reduced my GROWING bundle of SOCIAL STORIES to JUST $5!! 😱

But you'll have to hurry because it's for today only!

This bundle is constantly growing with more social stories being added over time. Purchase it today for just $5 and you'll get lifetime updates to all the new stories that get added!

Many students with autism are visual learners and like to learn through seeing something in action. These book come complete with matching and simple yet engaging graphics to help describe what is being said on the page.

So, what are you waiting for? Check it out here!


2 Weeks of Surprises!

Hi all!
I'm currently away on vacation in Orlando and I am LOVING the heat! While I'm having fun at Disney I wanted to share some pixie dust magic with you al!!

So, over the next 2 weeks, keep an eye on my social media accounts - either here or my instagram @teachingautism - for some great deals. Who knows what could be offered? Bundles could be reduced crazy low, resources could be 1/2 price, some resources could even be made FREE!

Today, I'm kick starting the fun with my 

This bundle is currently valued at $62.10 and is PACKED full of great write the room activities that you can use year round. AND it's a growing bundle, so the more 'write the room' activities that I make they will all get added to this bundle - giving you free lifetime updates!

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Keep Calm; I'm Away on Vacation BUT I'll Be BACK SOON!

Hi guys,
Just a quick heads up to let you all know that I'm away on vacation from the 31st March until the 15th April. If you have any urgent queries, I will try to keep on top of these and keep an eye on my mail box, but please bare with me as my replies may be slower than usual.

Hope you all have a great Easter and Spring Break - it's well deserved, for sure!
See you soon,

Mother's Day Fun

This Sunday is Mother's Day here in the UK so we have been having lots of fun in class this week making some goodies to send home to our students mums. We always make a card, some crafts and bake some goodies for them, then put it all together in a big envelope/gift bag for the mums to have. 

The work is all done by the students too - so it makes it a lot more personal for the mums to receive them. 😊


We folded a large piece of card into 3 parts. The first part we decorated and had the students write 'mum' the second part we had them decorate again and write 'i love you' and the last part we had them use the pieces of ripped tissue paper to make a heart shape and added 'to pieces'

Next, we made some melted chocolate hearts/butterflies and some flower biscuits. We just made the biscuit dough, had the children use a flower cutter to cut out the biscuits, baked them, let them cool then decorated with some pink icing and decorations. For the chocolate hearts/butterflies we just used some heart and butterfly moulds, poured some hundreds and thousands into the moulds first, then melted some white chocolate and poured it into the moulds over the hundreds and thousands then put them into the fridge to harden. 

We wrapped them all up into this beautiful cone to make them more presentable.

Next, we used our hands. The children love having their hands painted and it definitely adds that personal touch. We painted their fingers the colour of the parents hair and their palms the skin colour. Then pushed the handprint down onto white card. Once it had dried, we cut out the handprints, stuck them onto pink card, deception with eyes, nose, mouth and a flower in the hair and added 'happy mothers day' on the bottom.

Being from Wales, sheep are pretty well known around here, so why not include them in our Mother's Day crafts? This adorable sheep is made from the children's fingerprints from white paint. Simply get the students to dip their fingers into white paint and put it into the shape of a sheep. Once the paint has dried, simply add all the pieces onto it to make it look like a sheep and add 'I love you maa' on the top.

And.. more handprints! This is on a canvas and is the most adorable gift. We painted the children's hands purple, then pressed them down onto white card. Once they had dried, we cut these out. We then got them to decorate a heart shape piece of card with glue and pink glitter. Once this had dried, we cut this out. Then we stuck them all onto the canvas and added some writing on to make this.

What do you do to celebrate Mother's Day?


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