Elf-tacular Giveaway!

It's already the 5th of December - Christmas is going to be here before we know it! And in this household, we definitely have a lot of Christmas spirit!

December means we get a mischievous little elf appear who gets up to all sorts of tricks! But, this year, our little elf has brought along a fun filled blog hop giveaway with the chance to win a $70 TpT gift card! Thanks to the wonderful TpTers who have joined in on this blog hop with me!

So.. all you have to do is hop through the blog posts (continue the hop by pushing the 'hop on' elf image at the bottom of this post) and find the mischievous elf and the letter that he's holding on each of the blog posts. Once you've collected all 7 letters - on 7 separate blogs - simply unscramble them and use it to unlock the rafflecopter at the bottom of the post! To give yourself more entries, you can then complete the other actions.

Just think of all the fun you can have with your gift card on TpT and all the wonderful resources you can buy!

The giveaway runs until Friday 9th December so be sure to get your entries in by then! As a celebration, today only you can get 20% off everything in my TpT store too! So be sure to head on over and check out all the fab resources here.

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year for me, between singing along to Christmas carols on the radio and buying a crazy amount of presents - more than is probably needed, just because I have so much fun buying for others!

One of the activities that the students love the most however, is having a classroom elf. 

So basically the elf becomes part of the class. The elf is watching the students all the time, and they get to complete a whole range of different Elf/Christmas related activities while still working on their everyday skills.

There are journal pages for students to record what they have seen the elf doing each day - where the elf has been hiding, what activities they've done etc.

*What letter am I hiding?*

Students have to name the Elf. One of the most fun ways is to have a classroom vote - every students gets to vote for a name they like out of the top 4 names. The highest number of votes wins!

And finally, the students get a certificate on the Elf goes back to the North Pole!

If you want to try out the Elf pack for your class, check it out here or click any of the images to be redirected. 

Thanks for reading my post - now be sure to take a note of the letter that the Elf was hiding throughout this post and write it down. Once you have 7 different letters - unscramble them to form the Christmas themed word and then write it into the rafflecopter to unlock the giveaway!

Click the elf below or here to hop to the next blog.

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  1. Happy Holidays! Thank you for this giveaway! My fingers are crossed!


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