Day 7 of Christmas Fun!

Can you believe we're already a week into Christmas? I love how much you have all been enjoying my Christmas Fun blog series and hope you continue to enjoy it over the next few days!

Today's theme is a fingerprint Christmas card. I can guarantee you this will be a huge hit to send home with your students plus it's so personal with the fingerprints!

Just follow the directions below to make one of these!

What you need
Green card
White card
Selection of paints in a paint palette
Black thin marker
'Merry Christmas' title - printed out
Tissues/wet wipes

  • Fold the green card in half and place it so the flap opens upwards (portrait style)
  • Cut the white card down and stick on the front of the card leaving a small green border around the edges.
  • Use one of the students fingers (either independently or with support from yourself) and dip into one colour/color paint, place onto the card, wash the paint off and do the same with another color/colour, continue this until you are happy with how many lights are on the card. Don't forget to place them at different heights. Leave the paint to dry.
  • Once dry, use a thin black marker pen to draw the lines from the light bulbs to the top of the white piece of card. 
  • Cut out and stick on the Merry Christmas title at the top of the card.
And that is it, you've made your very own fingerprint Christmas card !! If you give these a go with your class or even your children at home be sure to tag me on instagram @teachingautism so I can have a look! Don't forget to check back tomorrow for more Christmas Fun!


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