Day 2 of Christmas Fun!

It's the 2nd of December which means it's Day 2 of my Christmas Fun series! Today is a cookery theme one and it's reindeer mallows!

These go down a storm with the kiddos, they're so much fun to make and aren't too expensive either! Just follow the directions below to make these!

Bar of milk chocolate
Bag of smarties
Bag of pretzels
Small cocktail sticks

  • Melt chocolate
  • Use a small cocktail stick and push into the marshmallow
  • Hold onto the cocktail stick and dip the marshmallow into the bowl of melted chocolate taking care to make sure it's all covered
  • Place 2 pretzels on a plate and then place the marshmallow down on them so that the pretzels appear to be like antlers
  • Place 2 smarties (we used blue) on the top of the marshmallow for eyes
  • Place 1 smartie (we used red for Rudolph) on the front of the marshmallow for the nose
  • Place in the fridge for it to harden so that it stays altogether!
And that's it! Don't forget to stop by tomorrow to find out what else you can make in your classroom that's just perfect for this time of year!


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