Day 10 of Christmas Fun

Welcome to day 10 of my Christmas fun blog series. 
Today I'm sharing our handprint reindeers - they are adorable and so personal - your kiddos will LOVE making them.

These are super easy to make, you're just going to need some brown paint, brown felt, small green buttons, black paint, googly eye, black marker, glue and a red pom pom.

First, paint your/your child's hand brown. Put one hand facing up on the page, paint the other hand and put it facing down onto the paper so that it looks like the reindeer above. Leave to dry.

Once dry, use black paint to paint the hooves onto the reindeers feet. Glue down some brown felt and buttons to make the scarf, use a marker to draw the reindeers mouth, glue down the pom pom and googly eye and you're finished!


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