Day 1 of Christmas Fun!

Over the next few weeks I have decided to share something Christmas-y every day that can be done with your class during the lead up to the big day! These will mostly be crafty or cookery ideas! They have been done over previous years by ourselves with students in class and have always gone down a treat!

Up today is a Sock Olaf.

This guy is never going to go out of fashion and he looks great! Plus, the kiddos will love him. Read below for instructions on how to make!

You will need
1 long white sock 
cotton wool balls/stuffing material
white string
googly eyes
small black pom poms
medium white pom poms
orange felt
black felt
print out - arms and hair, just find templates on google. Don't forget to laminate these or print on card to make them stronger

  • Stuff the white sock 3/4 full with cotton wool balls/stuffing material
  • Use the white string, cut into short pieces and wrap around in 2 different parts to form Olafs body, tie the ends tight then cut off any excess string.
  • Put one piece of string on the top of the sock so that it keeps the stuffling enclosed.
  • Find 2 white pom poms, stick them onto the bottom of the body to form his feet.
  • Next, use small black pom poms to make the buttons going up his body.
  • Attach the googly eyes towards the top of the sock
  • Cut out a carrot shape from the orange felt and attach with glue
  • Cut out a smile from the black felt and attach with glue
  • Cut, laminate and stick Olaf's hair on top of his head
  • Cut, laminate and stick Olaf's arms to the sides of his body
Vwa-la, you have your very own Olaf! If you want Olaf to be free standing, before you stuff the sock put something flat and heavy-ish at the bottom of the stock to give him a strong base. 

Don't forget to send me some pics on instagram @teachingautism if you give this a go!


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