Thanksgiving: Write the Room

Write the Room activities are a great way to keep your students moving and active throughout the day. We all know how frustrated and bored students can get when sat in one place working for too long, so this resource is a great way for you to mix it up, give your students a break from their desk yet continue their learning.

The extra bonus with this pack is that it's based around the theme of Thanksgiving, a great way to introduce the holiday into your classroom.

This activity includes 10 different write the room flashcards. 

There is a recording sheet and answer key included for students to take part in this activity, they can then either self mark their answers - or you can with ease with the answer key provided.

All flashcards are ready numbered so students are able to match the flashcard to their recording sheet - a great way for students to work on their reading, spelling and writing skills all in one great resource!

Instructions are also included on first pages of each PDF document. This download includes two PDF documents - one for the flashcards and one for the recording sheets.

I would highly recommend laminating each of the individual flashcards so that they will be stronger, therefore longer lasting.

You can hide these flashcards anywhere you want to get the students active and moving about. Some example are:
♦ Around the classroom
♦ Outdoor play area
♦ In a tough tray
♦ In a sensory tub

This is a great way to keep students motivated and engaged.

If you want any more information on this resource just click here or any of the images above.

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