Thanksgiving: Turkey Digraph Sorting

It's almost the middle of November and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Why not have some fun in your classroom but continue learning with this Turkey Digraph Sorting Game.

This Turkey digraph sorting game is perfect to celebrate Thanksgiving

There are instructions included on the first page for you to follow to get the best use out of this resource.

Students will have so much fun matching the tails to the turkeys and won't even realise they are busy practising their digraphs!

The idea behind this game is for students to match the digraphs to the correct turkey. 

Each turkey has a different digraph on it - ch, ph, sh, th, wh.

I do highly recommend laminating each individual piece of this activity so that it will make the resource stronger and longer lasting - that means you get to pull it out each year at Thanksgiving and it's all ready! 

If you want to view more information on this resource just click here or any of the images above to be re-directed.


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