Thanksgiving: Ten Frame Task Cards

Time is flying by, and Thanksgiving will be here before we know it! Although here we don't really celebrate Thanksgiving, we still try and introduce it and include it in our classroom celebrations to allow our students to experience different holidays around the year. I also love seeing what all my foreign friends are up to and how they celebrate Thanksgiving.

These ten frame task cards are one of the most popular resources in our class for any season, but these Thanksgiving themed ones mean we can continue along the theme of Thanksgiving.

Students have to count how many leaves they can see in the ten frame and then select their answer out of 3 possibilities at the bottom of the task card - either by using a dry wipe pen or a peg or similar object.

I recommend laminating each of the individual task cards so that they will be stronger, longer lasting and also re-usable for the future. Meaning once they are made, just simply store them away then pull them again the following year for Thanksgiving! 

For your preference the resource comes in b/w and col option.

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