Thanksgiving: Spelling Boards

Spelling can be one of the hardest things to teach our kiddos. Many just don't understand 'why' they need to spell - which means they are more reluctant to engage in spelling activities, others just don't want to use a pen - so you have to think up activities that won't always require them to be writing when they are taking part in spelling activities, you've always got to be thinking up new and fun ways to teach spelling. This is where spelling boards come in! Plus, to make them even more fun and engaging, I have all different spelling boards available on my TpT to use year round.

Today though I'm going to share with you my Thanksgiving Spelling Boards.

These are great practice for students spelling and over writing. I recommend laminating each card individually so that it is stronger lasting. I would also recommend adding velcro to the boxes on the boards and the backs of the individual letters to avoid them getting lost.

Instructions are included on the first page so that you are able to put this resource into practice in your classroom easily and to the best of it's potential.

The boards come in color/colour and black&white option. 

A total of 12 different words/images. 
Each page comes with a spelling board and an overwriting board. 

If you want any further information on this resource just click here or any of the images above.


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