Thanksgiving: Sentence Building / Adapted Books

My sentence building / adapted books are proving as popular as ever, especially with Thanksgiving just around the corner - my Thanksgiving Sentence Building pack has been getting some great reviews from teachers all around the World.

This pack includes 8 different sentence building / adapted books all related to Thanksgiving theme. All books come in b/w and col option but 3.

This is great for a Spec Ed or Autism Classroom / working with Spec Ed or students with Autism. It's a great way to encourage students to pay close attention to deal, become more familiar with sentence structure and symbols.

The books include;
♦ What? Object - one symbol
♦ How many objects? - two symbols
♦ What col - two symbols col only
♦ Easy prepositions - one symbol
♦ Harder prepositions - three symbols
♦ Full sentence prepositions - six symbols
♦ Col & Counting book - five symbols col only
♦ Turkey Tail Col - 2 levels in one PDF. col only

Each book comes with instructions included on the first page on how you can put this book together to get the best possible use out of it. 

The vocabulary is suitable for American or British classrooms. (Color, Colour etc.)

These books are great to help students build up and work on their sentences. It encourages students to select the correct words(symbols) to match the picture they are looking at as well as being able to place them in the correct order to build an appropriate sentence.

All images/vocabulary is linked to the theme of the Thanksgiving.

For any more information on this resource click here or any of the images above to be re-directed.

If you like this resource and are interested in more of my sentence building/adapted books then check out my Growing Bundle of Sentence Building/Adapted Books to get access to books to keep you going year round, and it's a growing bundle so there'll always be something getting added = more value for your money!


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