Thanksgiving: Work Book

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and this work book is a great way to introduce some of the holiday into your classroom. This work book works great as individual worksheets or put together as a full book for students to work through and complete.

All the graphics included are black and white for ink friendly printing and are related to Thanksgiving.

This resource comes in 2 different PDFs - British Spelling and American spelling etc. i.e color / colour. 

The following activities are included in the work book;
♦ Color by Number / Colour by Number
♦ What comes next? Counting in 1s
♦ What comes next? Counting in 5s
♦ What comes next? Counting in 10s
♦ Color by Sight Word / Colour by Sight Word
♦ Label the table and food
♦ Pre primer sight word tracing
♦ Primer sight word tracing
♦ First sight word tracing
♦ Second sight word tracing
♦ Third sight word tracing
♦ Thanksgiving vocabulary spelling
♦ Thanksgiving vocabulary tracing
♦ Ten Frame Drawing
♦ Ten Frame Counting
♦ Roll and Color / Roll and Colour
♦ Roll and Trace
♦ What do you know about Thanksgiving?
♦ Missing letters in the alphabet
♦ Interviewing a Pilgrim
♦ Interviewing a Native American
♦ Thanksgiving Dinner Comprehension
♦ Fine Motor Skills
♦ I am Thankful for...
♦ My Thanksgiving Dinner
♦ Tell the Time o'clock
♦ Draw the Time o'clock
♦ Tell the Time half pasts
♦ Draw the Time half pasts
♦ Word Search
♦ Reflection

As you can see there are lots of literacy and math activities that are just perfect to get your students motivated and enjoying this Thanksgiving without realising they are learning! 

If you want to check out this resource further just click here or any of the images above to be re-directed.


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