Superhero Hand and Feet

It's no secret that the kiddos in our class love superheroes, so recently we have been having a lot of fun using their hand and feet to make different superheroes.

The kids love to get messy and being able to use the paint on their hands and feet to make different pictures, they were even more excited when they got to choose which superheroes they wanted to create!

Although a bit tricky to manage, these are so great when completed! Simply paint the students hand/foot with the superhero design and then put it onto the paper!

For some of the more detailed bits like the badges we painted these on top of the handprints on the paper once they had dried.

Can you guess who the superheroes are that we've been making?


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  1. I love these! Wonder woman is fantastic! My kids always love painting with their hands or fingers I will definitely be giving these a try. Thanks for such a good idea and great post!


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