In our School, and Schools that I went to as a child, we have always celebrated 'Harvest' by putting together food and boxes to give to the homeless in the area.

Each year in our School, the students and staff all bring in tins of food that can be donated to the homeless and all the classes have mini competitions to design there own 'Harvest Box' to donate to the homeless shelters.

Our class are very competitive - as in, we pretty much always win !! We have some super creative staff, and some very talented students!

Our kiddos absolutely LOVE superheroes, so this year just felt right to base it on superheroes. Our students are also very sensory, they love to get stuck in and get messy, so we put together superheroes + getting messy to make = superhero handprints - and some footprints - because some of our kiddos, just love to take it that little bit further and get their feet out too! LOL :) 

Each of the students made at least one superhero character for the box and they had so much fun. Our students don't really understand the whole idea of Harvest, who we are giving the food to and why, but at least by involving them in the creating process, it means that they're getting involved in Harvest celebrations.

Here is our finished box:

We think it looks pretty great! You can find some of the individual images of our superheroes before we cut them out below:

Although they can be a bit time consuming to make, and paint on the students hands then transfer to paper and add on the extra details, they were so worth it - the students had a blast doing all the different superheroes and the end result was definitely worth it :)


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