Halloween Write the Room

As Halloween approaches, the weather seems to get colder and wetter, students spend less time outside, which means more time inside - and we all know that this leads to some very frustrated and bored kiddos! Being cooped up all day can be hard and it usually means that your students just can't cope with anymore sitting down at a desk and working - so why not mix it up a bit, keep them learning while getting them moving!

This Halloween Write the Room activity is a great way for students to work on their vocabulary, spelling, writing, exploring skills and while keeping active by moving around the classroom.

This activity includes 20 different write the room flashcards. All images and vocabulary are linked to the theme of Halloween.

It comes with 2 levels of difficulty to differentiate for your students individual learning needs. Students can either use flashcards 1-10 or 1-20, depending upon which you think is most suitable/relevant.

There are 2 different recording sheets to accommodate the 2 different levels. One uses 1-10 and one uses 1-20.

All flashcards are ready numbered. 

An answer key is also provided on the bottom two pages of the recording sheet PDF file.

Instructions are also included on first pages of each PDF document. This download includes two PDF documents - one for the flashcards and one for the recording sheets.

I would highly recommend laminating each of the individual flashcards so that they will be stronger, therefore longer lasting.

You can hide these flashcards anywhere you want to get the students active and moving about. Some example are:
♦ Around the classroom
♦ Outdoor play area
♦ In a tough tray
♦ In a sensory tub

This is a great way to keep students motivated and engaged while practising their vocabulary and spelling skills.

To find out more about this resource, simply check it out here or if you are a big fan of getting your students active while learning and want to grab a large, growing bundle of year round write the room activities, visit my great bundle here.


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