Halloween Word to Picture Matching

If you follow me on TpT, or even on my social media sites, you'll probably realise just how much we use 'Word to Picture' matching activities with our students.

This idea came around a little while back when we realised that one of our non verbal students just loved to read yet couldn't talk to tell us that they understood the words that they see or the names of different objects.

The word to picture matching activities allowed us to see if the student(s) were able to recognise the objects/words that they see and understand them - being able to match the word to the object.

Today I'm going to share with you the Halloween version that we use.

This Halloween pack is full of so many different words/images related to the theme of Halloween, even some that your students may not often come across, which is a great way for you to help expand their knowledge of Halloween and the different items associated with it.

It's quite simple, each activity comes in 2 pages - one page is images in 6 boxes, and the other page is words in 6 boxes. Cut out the individual boxes from one page, laminate both the still full page and the individual boxes you've cut out and then cut them out again. Then use as a matching game - students match the words to the images.

Kids love to get into the spirit of celebrating different holidays, so this Halloween make sure you link fun, Halloween resources to learning too! 

You can check out this resource here or by clicking on any of the images in this blog post, or find all of the great Halloween resources available on my TpT by clicking here.


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