Halloween Symbol Support Cards

We all know how hard it can be when our non verbal students aren't able to communicate with us what it is they're trying to say, especially when it comes to seasonal events such as Halloween.

This is why, on my TpT, you will now find this great Halloween Symbol Support Cards Pack which is full of symbols all related to the theme of Halloween that will help your students to communicate with you what they want.

This download contains symbol support cards in the theme of Halloween. There are a total of 73 different symbol cards included.

Plus it comes in US and UK versions.

Symbol cards are a great way to support students with communication, especially great when working with Spec Ed, or Autism Students.

This comes in col only option and as a PDF document.

The symbol cards are in alphabetical order to make it easier for you to find which symbols you are looking for.

Plus, if there are any symbols that you are specifically wanted related to this theme that aren't included in the pack, you can just drop me a line and I'll get it added, if relevant, right away for you! Just click here to be re-directed to the page to find out more about this resource.

If you use symbol support cards regularly with your students, or wish to use them more often, then you can find my huge Symbol Support Cards Bundle which contains over 1100 individual symbols, plus it's a growing bundle, so more symbols will keep on getting added to it!

Symbol support cards are usually used with Special Needs students and students with Autism, they are a great way to enhance and expand student vocabulary and communication, or a pure source of students to communicate with.

Or, if you are looking to introduce the use of individual symbols to your classroom/child and like the look of these style of symbols, you can find out more here (aff link).


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