Halloween Sentence Building Books

So, Halloween is just around the corner and you're wondering how you can incorporate this into your learning.

Well look no further, because these sentence building books are going to work great with your students - plus, your students are going to LOVE them!

So, my sentence building pack contains 8 different books, all related to the theme of Halloween, in different levels to target individual students.

The 8 books included are; 
♦ What? Object - one symbol
♦ What? Costume - one symbol
♦ How many objects? - two symbols
♦ What col - two symbols col only
♦ Easy prepositions - one symbol
♦ Harder prepositions - three symbols
♦ Full sentence prepositions - six symbols
♦ Col & Counting book - five symbols col only

I'm not going to lie, these take a little while for you to put together - print, cut, laminate, cut, velcro, ta-da.

Now, you can either bind them together as books or invest in ring binders like I do and put them in these. That way you can put the covers on the front and have them strong and sturdy with less risk of them getting broken or pieces getting lost.

This book has been put together in a small ring binder file. The answers are '1 word' answers / 1 box. Students have to look at the image on the page and then choose the matching symbol from the base board to put onto the page. This actual book that you can see in the images is where children are all dressed up in different Halloween costumes, your student(s) have to match the symbols to what the children are dressed up as.

This video shows you how students will complete this book. It's a great way to expand their vocabulary while working at a low level to support their individual learning needs.

Next up is a counting book.

Students have to count the amount of objects that they can see on the page and then use the symbols to display what they see, i.e '1 bat' '10 skeletons' etc.

Not only will students be working on their vocabulary skills, but they'll also be working on their counting skills at the same time! 

Next up is colour/color recognition. These books are suitable for American/British spellings i.e colour / color, grey / gray etc. 

This book is all about what colour/color pumpkins that the student can see on the page. This book allows students to start to describe what they can see - colour wise and start to expand their vocabulary and build sentences.

And of course, prepositions..

Prepositions are a part of day to day life, and this lower level preposition book is a great way to get students started.

Most of the sentence comes ready printed onto the page in this book, students read the sentence then fill in the missing word at the end with a symbol from their base board. 

Of course, as well as having an 'easy' preposition style book, they also come in two more higher level ones for students to move onto with their sentence building. Below is the hardest of the preposition book family where students have to form a full sentence on what they can see.

* The vampire is under the sun *

Now, there are a total of 8 different books included in this pack and today I've just shown you a small look into this pack, don't forget to click any of the images or here to be re-directed to the Halloween Sentence Building Pack page where you can find out more information on each of the books and how much of a great resource this will be in your classroom, working with your students!

The symbols used in these books are all from Smarty Symbols. Click here to find out more about joining the land of Smarty Symbols and gain access to thousands of symbols! 
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