Halloween Jigsaw Puzzles

Finding activities that your students will love, find fun and engaging as well as providing learning opportunities can be a hard task. Especially when you want it to be on a specific theme or holiday - such as Halloween!

Our students struggle with their fine motor skills, so we're always thinking up fun, new ideas to help them work on this. One of the biggest hits with them is jigsaw puzzles.

Not only are they working on their fine motor skills, but they're also having the chance to create an end product - making them more motivated to complete the task, i.e a finished image.

The puzzles that I'm going to share with you today are Halloween themed and the pack contains 4 different levels of jigsaws, with each level containing 12 individual jigsaw puzzles - totalling 48 different jigsaws for your students to enjoy.

Plus they come in col or b/w option for your preference.

Now, these jigsaws are extra fun because you can either laminate all of the individual pieces then store them so that they can be pulled out year after year as fun puzzles or you can have students piece the puzzles together then stick them in their work books and colour/color them in as a reminder of their hard work.

All the images included in this pack are related to the theme of Halloween.

Do you like to use jigsaws in your class?


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