Halloween Candy Corn Game

Halloween is just around the corner and what could be more exciting than incorporating a game into your classroom that is a lot of fun for students to play as well as being educational and linked to the theme of Halloween?

This Candy Corn Initial Letter Game is a great way to keep the spirit of Halloween going in your class as well as keeping your students engaged and happy to learn.

Simply put together the three pieces of the puzzle to make a full candy corn - students have to match upper case, lower case and an image to complete the candy corn.

Here's what the individual candy corns will look like when the pieces are put together. You can either keep them like this and have students stick them into their work books or you can laminate them so that they will be stronger and longer lasting for you to use for many years to come as a quick Halloween game.

Just click the images to be re-directed to where you can get this great resource or click here.

Happy Halloween! 

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