Bonfire Night: Word to Picture Matching

The word to picture matching activities are a fantastic resource for the autism classroom, especially with non-verbal students although can also be used within Spec Ed or General Ed Classrooms to promote reading.

This specific word to picture matching activity is linked to the theme of Bonfire  Night / Guy Fawkes which is celebrated in the UK and many other countries on the 5th of November.

All the images and vocabulary included in this pack are linked to the theme of the Gunpowder plot and is a great way to encourage students to work on their Guy Fawkes vocabulary as well as their reading skills.

It will allow you to be able to monitor if your students are able to recognise and understand different words and link them to the appropriate, matching picture. Many students may learn to just read words but not understanding the meaning behind them, this will help to promote that.

This resource contains 3 different activities boards in total. 

The first page in the PDF is the instructions page to help you use these to their best potential.

Comes in colour/color or black and white option for your preference.

Check it out here or click the images above for more details.


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