Bonfire Night: Flashcard Story

Bonfire Night is almost here, and a lot of us have already started planning some fun ideas for our classrooms ready to celebrate Bonfire Night.

One of the things we struggle with the most with our students is to show them and help them understand the meaning behind a celebrate i.e in this case - the Gunpowder Plot.

This is why I created a flashcard story..

A flashcard story is pretty much what you will imagine from the title. I have simplified the story/history into a short story, putting a couple of sentences on individual flashcards with a matching image to help students visualise the situation being discussed.

It also helps students stay more focused when there is less text involved and will keep them engaged. By simplifying the story/history it also means that the student(s) won't be overloaded with too much information - they're being told the main parts.

I would recommend laminating each of the individual pieces and putting together as a small book - either through binding or hole punching and using a keyring. That way, each of the pages will stay together and won't get lost.

This resource comes in two options for your preference; b/w and col option. 

To find out more about this resource, simply click here or any of the images above to be re-directed.


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