Bonfire Night: Fact Flip Book

Guy Fawkes (Bonfire Night) is a celebration that takes place every year on the 5th November in the UK - however, many other countries around the World also celebrate as well.

This fact flip book comes with 2 pages of reading passage for you to use for students if they are unsure of the facts, it comes in two difficulty levels depending on student's individual abilities.

This is an interactive book where students can cut, stick and colour/color the different pieces for each page. 

There are two options for the cover page; color/colour or black&white. 

Each page has two options for students to choose the answer from. They cut out the correct answers and stick them onto the page. 
Put it together and make a flip book!!

There are instructions included on the first page of the document 
There are also small instructions included on the bottom of each of the pages, as well as photos of the finished style on the last page for you to see it finished.

This resource works great in both British & American classrooms.

Check it out here or click the images below.

The following images show the fact flip book completed.

This is a great way to see if your students are able to pay close attention to detail for the reading passage included to be able to find the answers for the questions. At the end of the task they will also have a 'finished piece' where they are able to view their finished resource and be able to use it for any future activities and to reflect upon.


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