Seller Spotlight Sunday: Christa Joy

Welcome to my Seller Spotlight Sunday.
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Up this week is Christa Joy from Special Needs for Special Kids

Hi, my name is Christa Joy and my TPT store is Special Needs for Special Kids.  I originally started out my career path by graduating from veterinary school in NC and practiced small animal medicine, a life-long dream of mine.  Then, in 1997, we had a son who was diagnosed at an early age with severe autism and an intellectual disability.  So, after giving up my career in medicine, I went back to school and pursued a career in special education with the hopes of helping him as much as I could.  Out of that, came a love for these kids and the special teachers who work so hard with them. 

All of my products are developed for students with significant challenges.  I feel every student deserves access to the same curriculum content as our regular education students.  I try to make my units as in depth and complete as possible while providing a lot of visual structure, support, and differentiation. 
My son is now 19 years old, and although he still struggles daily with his challenges, he is a happy young man who loves life.

One of my favorite ways to teach any type of content is through the use of stories.  Almost all of my units, including math, science, and social studies, have a story as part of the content. 

Grab this resource to give it a try:

It is part of my more complete unit on pumpkins which you can grab here:

I know there are not enough resources readily available if you teach this population of students.  I am hoping to change that, and by creating these resources provide a way for our kids to experience all this amazing world has to offer.

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