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If you're anything like me, you are a TpT addict! Who isn't going to love the site where you can get pretty much anything you could possibly need for your classroom in just one place, and support other professionals at the same time!

 But, let's face it, there's times when we could all do with just a few $$ savings on some resources. Well, did you know theres a way that you can do just that?

It's all about TpT Credits and today I'm going to show you how you can earn them and how to spend them!

So, first of all, log into your TpT account, hover over My TpT and then click 
TpT Credit Balance

This is how your page will look once loaded..

At the top you will see how many TpT credits you have - as you can see, I have 72.

Now it gives you a brief description of how the credits work - how you can gain them, and how they are used, 50 credits are worth $2.50, 25 credits are worth $1.25, 100 credits are worth $5 etc. etc.

Now you can use credits either to pay towards a purchase a discount or you can use them to pay off the full cost of a purchase.

Now, back to earning some. To see if you have any credits available to earn, hover over My TpT again and this time click My Purchases

Once it's loaded, on the top left click sort by then click Needs Feedback

This will now bring up all the purchases that you have made that need feedback. 

Be sure to go through and leave feedback on all of those purchases - if there are none that need feedback leaving - great job, you've already done it all!

If you've left new feedback, repeat the first few steps and go back to check on your updated TpT credit balance. 

Now, once you are ready to purchase something, go through and add whatever your purchasing to your cart, once you're finished, go to your cart.

Now underneath check out - see the little bit that says Redeem TpT Credits

Click Redeem TpT Credits and it will produce a drop down box. Here it will tell you how many credits you have available. Underneath the apply button it says 20 credits = $1. This transaction I could have my purchase for free if I put in 60 credits. You don't want to put in too many that will be more than the purchase price although I'm sure there'd be a way to fix it if you accidentally did this. 

Once you have added the TpT credits, just click APPLY and it will take the price off of your purchase, then just click CHECKOUT. It's important that even if the full cost of the purchase is covered by TpT credits that you still checkout - even if it says Total: $0.00, you have to check out for the purchase to go through. 

And that is how you save $$ on your TpT purchases. Be sure to always leave feedback on paid purchases so those TpT credits can start to add up nicely in your account!


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