Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

I have to be serious here, I never heard about Johnny Appleseed Day until I started my TpT adventure and got talking to more American Teachers. Don't get me wrong, it's a great holiday that provides so many fabulous learning opportunities for the classroom.

What I've noticed, is since I have become more aware of American holidays we do try to introduce them more into our classroom. We honestly believe that our children should get to experience the holidays that are celebrated all around the World, plus Johnny Appleseed Day is a great way for us to have some fun with apples in class!

As always, be sure to click on the images included in this blog post to be re-directed to the original source of the activity/idea for full information on how you can introduce these into your classroom/home.

Basically, when we plan for a holiday, we try to cover as many areas of learning as we can. Our children have two favourite areas of learning; art/crafts and cookery, so I'll start with those, courtesy of my good old friend, Pinterest.

First up, cookery..

Making candy apples is nice and simple, yet effective and a great way to encourage students to try apples. You could provide different options to get your students to use different language and make choices on what they want on their apple. 

Although not cookery, I fell in love with these fruit pots when I found them:

Aren't they just the cutest thing ever? A great way to encourage children to try apples in all different forms! 

Next.. Art and Crafts. I have got to be honest, this was really hard to narrow down, there are just so many amazing ideas out there for art and crafts to celebrate Johnny Appleseed! I managed to narrow it down to these 2 with great difficulty, but if you have a spare few moments, I seriously recommend going onto Pinterest and having a look for some Johnny Appleseed crafts - you'll be amazed!

I seen this and fell in love, it requires hardly any prep and very few resources, plus it's a great way to help improve upon your students in motor skills - and it's seriously cute!

In our class we are really big on painting with different types of equipment - and we love painting with fruits! Even if you have students who refuse to taste an apple, even if they are holding and painting with one, at least they are exploring a new texture, a new fruit - who knows what that could lead to! Plus it makes for some fabulous paintings!

Sensory.. although not an official area of learning, working with children with Autism you seriously learn to include sensory approaches in pretty much every topic you can! I found these two on Pinterest and I just know they would be a big hit with our students..

Bubble wrap is always a big hit with our kiddos. It's a different feel, it makes different noises depending on how you deal with it, it's a great new texture to paint with - and it makes some amazing patterns!

You talk to anyone in a Spec Ed/Autism classroom and they will tell you - sensory bins are life savers! Messy, and I mean messy but still life savers. You'll be amazed how engaged and focused they can keep some of our children! You can mix it up with all sorts of different materials, textures and really get your students senses working! Plus, fill it with all sorts of different apple treats to get the senses going - smells, feeling taste are all easy to link to apples. 


This is always a subject that teachers seem to panic over, they unnecessarily worry that they can't think of anything to do with Science - to the point that they overthink it way too much and don't even realise that they're actual doing a Science activity with their students at that moment! Here are some fun Science activities I came across..

This experiment is seriously a lot of fun, be sure to head on over and find out how you can introduce this into your classroom. Everyone hates when apples go brown, so why not do a full on experiment with your students/children and find out if or how they can stop that dreaded browning!! 

This has got to be one of the sweetest science activities I've ever seen. Students will love experimenting on if they can get their apples to sink/float and what difference it makes when different objects are added/removed. You can experiment if it matters what way apples are cut whether or not they float/sink and so much more! Plus, it's a nice and affordable activity which you can have going on in multiple different areas in your classroom! 


I love linking books in with our topics in the classroom, but most of all, I love how much students enjoy listening/reading to different stories. These books are great to link to theme of Johnny Appleseed and your students/children are sure to love them! 

These apple puzzles are a great way to improve letter recognition with your students - to go the next step you could introduce upper case to lower case matching to see if students are able to match these together. It's amazing how much more fun an activity can become when it's linked into a specific topic/holiday, and fun activities = fun learning = engaged students!


This is always one of the hardest areas for us to cover with our students. Some of our students just don't understand math, and unfortunately, they just don't seem to understand the point of it. The difficulty we have is that a lot of math can be very difficult to teach, especially with visuals and symbols, so this always requires a lot of research, thinking, discussion and Pinterest stalking! 

Play dough is always a huge hit with our students, so when I came across these boards I just knew they would be a big hit. They are simple, effective and have great visual support. This is an activity that can allow us to step back and allow our students to attempt independent work, independent counting and the entire time they will be enjoying themselves with their play dough!

When I came across this image on Pinterest, I just knew we had hit a gold mine. We have these fine motor skill tweezers in our class - and our students love them. They love using them and become really engaged with activities using them - we try not to use them too often so that the novelty doesn't wear off! This is a nice activity that is quick and easy to put together. This will challenge many of our students to really pay attention, concentrate on their fine motor skills and make sure they're counting as they add more pom-poms. It really will get our students practising lots of different skills.

Although there are many more areas of learning to be covered, I think we've definitely got enough ideas here to set us up for now! Do you celebrate Johnny Appleseed in your class? If so, what's your/your student's favourite activities?


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