Don't Say It! Ice Breaker Game

You know when you get so excited over an activity you find because you just KNOW your kids are going to go crazy for it and just love it? 

Well i'm hoping that's what this resource will do for you, because as much as I hate to blow my own trumpet - I definitely had that feeling over one of my very own resources - Don't Say It! Ice Breaker Game.

It's a great resource to use during your first few days of School to help your students feel more relaxed, comfortable and confident in their surroundings as well as starting to form relationships - however, it's also a great game to keep going all year around - your kiddos are going to love it, and it will be great to pull out during those gaps in time - plus they'll be having fun AND learning!

This game can be done in pairs, small groups or even as a whole class activity - it's totally up to you and your students. Plus it's comes in black and white as well as col so that you can print whichever you would prefer - let's face it, ink is not cheap these days!

As you can see in the image above I've also included a cover and instruction card for the game - these are great to keep at the front of the game in case you ever have to go over the instructions briefly before it taking place - for yourself or your students - or even for a sub! And the cover is great for you to be able to find it quickly when put away in storage. 

The game has also got the alphabet included - there is a card for every letter of the alphabet - meaning a total of 26 cards. This can also be added into the game as well if you feel your students are able to - i.e start with the person who has letter A, then B etc.

The main idea of the game is for each student to be given a card (or more if there are left overs), they then have to read the word that they have - but don't say it!! - and then use different words to try and describe what they have, with other students listening to their clues and trying to guess. Each card also comes with some example words at the bottom to help students if they get stuck.

I really do recommend cutting out and laminating each of the individual cards, mainly because they will be stronger and longer lasting, but also so that they will be thicker - so students are less likely to be able to see through the paper (unless you print on card!).

It's the beginning of the year and I've already had so many compliments and great feedback on this resource - so how about having the chance to win it? Just simply enter in the rafflecopter below for your chance to win!

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